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    HSVfest 2018

    HSVfest Update-

    We are only 2 weeks from entries opening on the Largest HSV/HDT event of all time. Entries will be opening on the 5th February 2018.

    We have booked out almost 3 hotels with almost 300 rooms booked for this event, this is turning out to be another massive year. The 3 major clubs attending are again looking at record numbers being the HSV Owners Clubs of ACT, NSW and Victoria, but we are proud to see that the HSV Owners Club of SA has a huge amount of interest and we are expecting a great showing from them, an outstanding effort for a club that is less than a year old.

    To date everything is organised,
    Friday drive
    Friday night meal
    Saturday Show and Shine
    Saturday Leisurely drive's
    Saturday night Dinner
    Sunday Track day
    Sunday Drag racing
    Sunday Motorkhanas
    Sunday Dinner
    Monday Drive

    Costings have come in and the finer details are being finalised, and as every year we are aiming to have NO profit margin for the HSV Owners Clubs and full benefit for HSV Owners Club Members at the lowest cost possible to the members.
    For those who wish to come, you do need to be a member of the HSV Owners Club of any of your clubs in the world. This is for a number of reasons, but the major reason is because this event is designed for members of the HSV Owners clubs, by the members of the HSV Owners clubs, Costing is also a driver, noting that this event has a final cost exceeding $30,000 against the HSV Owners Clubs of Victoria, ACT and NSW, it is an expectation that the members are looked after first and foremost, Sponsorship by HSV is a large part as well, as we are the only clubs sanctioned by HSV, and CAMS affiliation, every attending member must be CAMS affiliated. I hope this clears up some of the questions as to why this is only open to HSV Owners Club members, as we are getting non-stop questions as to why people can't enter because they are not a member. People are able to join a HSV Owners club by filling out the application forms located on the clubs websites located at -

    ACT - www.hsvownersclub-act.com
    NSW - www. hsvclubnsw.com
    QLD - www.hsvowners.com.au
    WA - www.hsvownersclubofwa.com.au
    Victoria - www.hsvownersclub.com.au
    SA - www.hsvclubsa.com

    Become part of history and join us for this massive event.....


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    Recently moved to Canberra, hopefully I will be home this year

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