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    Gen F R8 Headers fittment

    I have searched for answers so apologies if this has been asked before.

    I have a 2014 Clubby R8 and I'm looking for a set of headers n cats.
    I fitted a set of short tube headers but they rubbed hard on a loom that goes down to the starter/steering.
    Does this loom need to be modified for fitment or do some brands ( pacemaker PH5382 ) actually fit without hassle. Anyone had this issue? Is there a difference between mine and the early gen f r8's?

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    Hey mate, I put pacemaker 5381 in my '13 VF1 R8.. no clearance issues with anything other than 1 loom which I cable tied out of the way..

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    Thanx commander_dan
    Was that the loom that's on a metal bracket bolted to the block near the starter...
    There is a part of that loom that was jammed between the headers and the engine mount on mine.. maybe paces would be different or another brand by gmmotorsport might be different too.

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