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    Overpriced high milage old thats why.
    No badge is just the auto add its standard other models have upspec badges

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    Toyota dealer on the Gold Coast had a 2015 GTS, with 51000k’s on the clock, full service history with a few months Rego for $59,999 drive away. Didn’t take long to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_lie View Post
    I thought no badge was just a carsales thing. Like the seller hasn't followed the correct links to find the model in the database. Nothing dodgy about the actual car.

    I don't think it's a deal of the century. More like where it should be priced. The pricing has gotten a little out of hand with the closure/end of production, it will settle back down.

    There's loads on car sales around that 60-65k mark, not sure why you're seeing it as being 15k cheaper than everything else?

    Andrew sold his recently for under 65k and it was a black MY15.

    Yeah, I just checked on carsales again and now I see them all in the 60k range. Not sure wtf I was doing last night, every GTS I could find was 75k+ and a new one was over 90k.

    It's a buyer's market at the moment then, that's so much car for the money.
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    I bought a 2014 GTS in may of 2016 (~2 years old) with 90k km on the clock. Extended warranty to 2020 it cost me $61k drive away.

    We've run it up to just under 115k km since and had a few things fixed under warranty but it's been a fun family car. I don't reckon I've lost much value off it either compared to other daily drives.
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    series 1 hsv's don't seem to be holding any where near the re-sale of the gen F2's.

    You can get a series 1 gts for less than a series 2 clubsport now.

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    It's cheaper because it has 95,000kms on the clock, tow bar and the optional wheels that were standard on R8 at the time, so as far as 2014 GTS's go it's not particularly desirable
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    Most cars depreciate wholesale approx 18% each yr.... then it depends on the buyer... price is about right.
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    It's $58,850 now, as said above its a 13 model which is now 5 years old, they are going to decrease in value no matter how much everybody wants them to stay at the same money they paid for them, its a car they depreciate.

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    Isnt after 5 yrs its meant to half???

    Seems like hsv are holding there value

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    Yeah, normally half after 5 years is about right.
    But Australia never made a car as good as a Gen-F GTS before, so it should hold value better than any other mainstream vehicle.

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