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    Overpriced high milage old thats why.
    No badge is just the auto add its standard other models have upspec badges

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    Toyota dealer on the Gold Coast had a 2015 GTS, with 51000k’s on the clock, full service history with a few months Rego for $59,999 drive away. Didn’t take long to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_lie View Post
    I thought no badge was just a carsales thing. Like the seller hasn't followed the correct links to find the model in the database. Nothing dodgy about the actual car.

    I don't think it's a deal of the century. More like where it should be priced. The pricing has gotten a little out of hand with the closure/end of production, it will settle back down.

    There's loads on car sales around that 60-65k mark, not sure why you're seeing it as being 15k cheaper than everything else?

    Andrew sold his recently for under 65k and it was a black MY15.

    Yeah, I just checked on carsales again and now I see them all in the 60k range. Not sure wtf I was doing last night, every GTS I could find was 75k+ and a new one was over 90k.

    It's a buyer's market at the moment then, that's so much car for the money.
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    I bought a 2014 GTS in may of 2016 (~2 years old) with 90k km on the clock. Extended warranty to 2020 it cost me $61k drive away.

    We've run it up to just under 115k km since and had a few things fixed under warranty but it's been a fun family car. I don't reckon I've lost much value off it either compared to other daily drives.
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