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Thread: Rego

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    I had my charged E3 Maloo engineered via WA Performance.

    cost was under $2,000 for everything - time is your biggest worry as the transport department are slowwww

    In Vic the same paper is $10k - its a national reg and when i sold the car the new owner in NSW was able to provide the paperwork to his local RTA. I had lots and lots of interest being it was engineered and sold it for asking price in 3 days.

    You'll need a WA license & rego to complete it all
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    Thank Nath,

    At this point the car will come with me and I will have until Oct 2020 to sort it all out.

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    Check your insurance cover regarding this. They can be sneaky, there might be clause regarding how long you can have your car in a different state until you need to transfer.

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    I'm sure the federal policy overrides that. We can now keep our rego and licence in our old state until it expires...…..NT was fighting it that's the Territory for you.
    Average Joe, I think you have three months for both. Know what your saying though, your insurance is more important than getting a yellow, I like knowing I'm fully insured that's why I went from $1000 to $2000 aami to Shannon's due to upgrades.
    You can play on it being improvements like lights and roof racks, that's not what they are asking mods like a 100fwkw increase from stock power if you ask them to okay it in writing most companies will say we will not touch your car. AAMI and RACWA stated that to me.

    PS is it common knowledge a VF key battery change is $5 and take 20 seconds FACT. Two people now have told me they had a service centre charge a packet for same!

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