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    How far can i drive without tune after Extract/Cats/Exh install LSA GTS

    Hey guys,

    Previously I installed a catback exhaust on my old E3 Maloo which was fine to drive to tuner but now Ive got a complete Difilippo setup sitting in my spare room to install onto my VF GTS. Im just wondering if i will be able to drive it to my tuner or if i should get a tow truck after installing them.
    Looking at about 50kms from tuner to home

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    driving it will be fine just dont go WOT till after the tune, it will take a while to adjust the best it can and would most likely be safe but id still just drive it normal till after the tune, the LSA tune is pretty fat from factory so its got some wriggle room

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    I drove my car around for a week without a tune and it was fine mate, but like others said do not give it the beans just cruise it around..

    Also when the orange CEL comes on, baby it.


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    Yeah i thought it should be fine. Yeah just take it easy. Im expecting her to throw a light but no biggy. Will install it over the weekend

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