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    Replace the pump---dont screw around with "flushing" it all you do is spread crap around the engine

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    Thank you for the comments. Will see the service agent after the break.
    Very interesting the other morning. Check Oil did not come on - early morning air temperature was 31/32.
    Next morning, back to the usual 21 or so, check oil came on. Gone after the usual five Km and stays warm enough not to come back on until the next morning.

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    Even though the light isn't coming on, you should still check the oil pressure. The light will only come on when it's dangerously low or pressure is pretty much non existent. It can still be doing damage without the light on.

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    yea low warning light is only like 50kpa and it has to be that low for like 2-3 sec to bring on the light, warm idle should be at around 250kpa, even tho u don't have the gauge the oil pressure is still in the data stream to read with a scan tool ect, have seen sometimes even tho switch has been replaced if it was leaking into the plug and it wasn't cleaned it can still cause a code to pop up again make sure plug is clean

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