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    I would love to see electric cars everywhere, unfortunately we live in Aust with quite an expensive, non scalable power grid where the prices have been pushed up by a few different players. If we all go electric in the near future, like Tesla are pushing, we wont be running the lights or fridge at home, unless their is some sort of miracle on the horizon. We just don't produce enough power.

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    Panels and batteries. Musk makes both.
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    Have a blackout? Run the house from your car!

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    Not sure if your joking, a computer system can track your usage, car/house/batteries, changed by a quick sms just like i change my tracker speed setting now when it works! Your solar, battery pack and car system are all connected, many people do less than 50kms each weekday, once the battery packs are either movable, even if the main reason is swap outs, and around $5 grand I will padlock one to my house. Can't wait for a laugh when some poor dude gets his panels and battery stolen at $15k atm.

    I personally don't care too much about my car fuel bill, petrol is $1.60, water up here is not much less, my house power bill is not so funny though. Live in Perth or Townsville and I doubt you would disagree.

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    One of my customers at the moment is trying to talk me into taking on a project -
    being converting his old split window Kombi from petrol to full electric ????
    I told him I wouldn't even know where to start, but one google search turns up
    actual companies that can supply everything required for the job.
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