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    10,000nm is a crazy claim and it prob has it at the electric motor output shaft with massive battery at massive current loads for prob a second or two but in reality they prob only ever use 1000-1500nm any more on a road car with road tyres is just not going to grip up, if u think about it over 5250rpm torque can never exceed hp so a top fuel dragster with 6000hp cant have more then 6000nm torque and then look at what they have to do to get grip, then think about 4 road tyres with 10,000nm torque not going to happen...

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    Oldmate,...no worries, interesting times ahead. I can't remember the name of the Tesla owner, but He sure is one committed man.

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    Tesla might just market this roadster with the same approach as Ferrari and Mclaren by only building say 500 cars. Than offer them only to existing clients at a million buck a car who have a portfolio of existing Teslaís. That way they can raise a heap of cash. Ferrari are unbeatable at this because itís such a powerful brand. Walk into any Ferrari showroom and try and buy a limited edition vehicle ie F12 tdf or upcoming 488 specialíe even if you have the coin in hand ready to go you canít buy one unless you meet there criteria on that model. For the TDF you had to own four Ferrariís all owned since new. If you flipped it in the sort term for a profit they ban you from buying future limited editions. Now Tesla doesnít have the wow of Ferrari but most people who have brought one are quickly become loyal to the brand.

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