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    RCBVFGTS, the best thing I can recommend is make sure whatever aftermarket light you're going to go for has the same beam characteristics as your oem halogens. That way getting them set up and adjusted properly will be simple, and you won't be blinding anyone.

    Either HID's or LED's are a great upgrade over the candles our cars have from factory

    Oh, and when it comes to LED's, if you ever see someone advertising that their 30w product produces 4000lm, or 40w produces 5000lm, tell 'em they're dreaming.
    My supplier tells me the theoretical maximum output for a 30w led fixture would be 3000lm, 40w - 4000lm, and so on.

    But you won't be converting energy input into light at anywhere near 100% efficiency.
    So bank on a 30w Led fixture having an output of around 2500lum if it's a good one.
    It's still heaps better than a halogen globe, and they look great.

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    HID's from Retro Solutions

    AntiFlicker capacitors from Amazon. You need these for the canbus system otherwise the HID's will flicker.

    Had these on my last 2 Maloo's. No issues with them at all.

    H7 & H9 6000k
    GTSR Maloo Interchiller

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