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    Screeching door window fix

    There's a lot of info online about the dramas with VT-VZ door windows, and just as many experts saying what worked for them or what it could be. Some can simply be worn-out regulators and others can be worn out guides with fuzzy flock allowing the glass to rattle when down a little.

    But I'm referring to the loud screeching noise when the glass goes up that tiny little bit at the top before it stops. The flexing of the car can also make the windows squeak constantly, just hitting the down button a touch can help silence them. But these aren't fixes. And the other problem is that there are many other fixes that inadvertently step around the actual problem with good results, for a while and so think they have solved the issue and not what worked for someone else.

    Anyway, the actual screeching noise comes from a solid rubber bump-stop in the glass sash channel that rubs on an inner shell bracket as it reaches its full height. That's all well and good but it seems eventually a combination of no grease, hardened rubber and rubbing through the paint onto bare metal allows it to get loud.

    This is where incorrect fixes come into play. The addition of window tint, generally not, but perhaps timing. Spraying lube randomly down door, yes, but why exactly is often hard to tell. Adding new door seals can help puff them up and stop the glass running so high that it doesn't hit the block so hard. That's a temporary fix. Likewise, I adjusted all 4 door glass heights down with height set with doors closed and not open. That extra seal pressure allowed the glass to stop perhaps 1mm sooner and stopped some tiny squeaks in the back on rough roads. But the drivers door was constantly terrible being the most used.

    Anyway, this is the actual culprit, the rubber wedge block that hit the bracket.

    VX door window channel block by Aus78Formula, on Flickr

    VX door window channel block1 by Aus78Formula, on Flickr

    With the door trim off and rain liner peeled up you can access it a few times. With the window down you can access the block through the door base. I scuffed it up with emery cloth, then added some more grease, ran it up and down, and added some more. You could also replace it but have not seen them new, it slides into the channel.

    VX door window channel block2 by Aus78Formula, on Flickr

    It's worth noting that the noises stop with doortrim off as some pressure is released so hard to locate noises or know if fixed until done.

    I adjusted my window back up to full height just to keep tabs on its progress, still no noise or squeaks and was constant previously and ear-bleeding when being put up fully.

    Hopefully this helps others fix their squeaks, it's still a fairly temporary fix but until now I haven't seen anyone pinpoint the issue except to say 'this made it better somehow'.
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    Rubber bump block also shown on bare glass assembly:

    1978 Firebird Formula 6.6L W50
    2002 HSV Clubsport R8 255

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    Great info and quite possibly an assist to others, well done.

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    Thumbs up to you mate my vy senny squeels something shocking on the last half inch of winding up... i havent bothered to look at it yet cause ive got my mind on upgrading other parts of the car but that info is a massive step in the right direction to helping others with the same issue

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    Well, if I'd found this information it would have saved me so much money and time. Ended up replacing all inner and out seals, window regulators, half the insides of the door, replace tint twice due to previous work that damaged it, replace yet another window regulator, so now it's slow and noisy and still junk when originals were fine, so will also mean another window tint replacement in future too, all from following other ideas on what the problem is likely to be. So that in itself is frustrating as pretty much everything replaced is never as good as it was before, seals were better but that's about it, but moreso the fact that at some point in the future, the door trims will have to be pulled yet again for another regrease. A softer sponge face could be added to the hard rubber block but that will only last so long too.
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    1978 Firebird Formula 6.6L W50
    2002 HSV Clubsport R8 255

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