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    Many years back I was on (I think) this forum, having many Granges and a couple of Clubsports: as company cars, of course. Great cars, much memorabilia laying around the house but these days I'm riding motorbikes to clear the cobwebs.

    One claim to fame was I had airside access to Tullamarine Airport with my Grange, complete with flashing light on the roof, to access my helicopters. Happy days

    I'm shifting to Hope Island soon and clearing out 'stuff' which includes my old HSV numberplates (Victoria), hopefully the mods may allow me to advertise to benefit other members here?


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    Hi Heli
    The whale is a nice car the wn very nice
    Im sure you can place any HSV for sale items in the for sale section scroll down the hsvforum page a bit to find it.

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    Thanks, don't want to tread on any toes! I had 4 of them, all build number 6 so the plates were HSV 06; and two of the mounted bottles of Grange are still in the wine cellar Also a couple of Clubsports, for my business partner.

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    Crack those Granges open and enjoy them! The perfect occasion never comes

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