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    If you're buying the car to drive and enjoy, 170k on the clock isn't high at all

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    Looks like first post did not go...second attempt..I agree 100% with White_lie. This is an interesting question...what is high mileage in terms of good buying,future value and reliability?...I have owned 4 HSV's (all V8's) one 21 years old (322,000km) (still owned), one 3 years (20,000km), one 1 year(1900Km) ,one 4 years (8000km) plus a Holden ute (V6) 25 years (500,000km plus). Which have been the most reliable , "honest" and value for money over the period that I have owned them?.. The two highest mileage, that I still own and would be MOST reluctant to sell.I learnt the hard way.. from an old fella who travelled 250,000km pa and always bought vehicles at about 100,000km, for operation in the 100,000/400,000 km range;provided they had been serviced well (on time) and used consistently.So my experience over 53 years of vehicle ownership is right in line with White_lie.Having said that I still buy "new" or "low mileage".. Why? ... I have absolutely no idea why I do that...I think model, spec and new technology have something to do with that... but only in relation to HSV's. I now smile when I read "high mileage 20,000/50,000km... and think "if only they knew"?.So here's my experience just for information....Anyone like to suggest what I should do with a new GTSR?? Cheers Bobdog

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