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    How tall are you Smitty? I've had other people say the same thing about the seats. I didn't have any issues when I drove a standard Caprice last week but the huge backseat room will come in handy for my boys. I have a 3yr old who is already 1.25m and a 1yr old who is a 1mtr.
    mate.. it wasn't the seat height (or adjustment) that was the issue, or even the comfort level
    it was that the seat stye/appearance was out of whack in the Grange cabin
    they do look low rent against the rest of the interior (which is def upmarket)

    the seats in my VF Clubbie look more upmarket than the Grange ones
    and are (in my opinion) far more comfortable despite being a sports seat

    oh.. and height? 179cm if that helps
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    You should be able to swap the GTSR hub straight over to standard arms and axles, but why not go wilwood ,cheaper and just as good.
    As Whitelie said the truetrac would be a better option due to it being a lot lot lighter than the 9.9inch.
    If you wanted some senator seats , i have a front set, youd have to re-upholster to suit.
    The grange has MRC

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