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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwheels View Post
    can anyone please help by telling me how to disable the bi modal exhaust system on a ve gts series3 with edi any help is appreciated hoping just simple as removing a fuse thanks again
    Seriously.. read this thread http://www.hsvforum.com.au/showthrea...an-it-be-tuned
    I think page 10 or 11 or 12 has a really good explanation and pictures.

    I did it on mine and it worked a treat

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    Quote Originally Posted by FollowTheSapper View Post
    Found this, it's the walk through I followed. I had a pic of my install up but since Photobucket changed all my pics are gone.

    Hi Guys, Thought it was about time I came back and let you all know how to modify the EDI to allow the Bi-Modal to remain open whenever you like without having to disconnect the vacuumed lines and losing the EDI functionality to adjust the Bi-Modal.

    It's actuall really simple and you only need a 12 volt switch and 1-2 meters of wire depending where you want the switch.

    I've thought about keeping this information to myself but as you all have been helpfully to me and other member of this forum here goes....

    Step 1. Remove the glovebox - There are 2 screws below the glovebox facing up and 5 screws in the glovebox, 3 facing up and 2 hidden behind the plastic caps either side of the glovebox. The drivers side cover goes around the boot release button.

    Step 2. Make sure you key is out of the ignition and the radio is off. Or you might be heading into Holden to get the EDI reset.

    Step 3. Look up (and smile) and you will see a small black box conveniently labeled 'HSV Motec EDI' discconnect the main (the large one) wireing harnes and cut the tape away exposing the wireing.

    Step 4. Locate the thin orange wire ( the thick orange wire is the main 12v supply) and cut it in half.

    Step 5. Connect your switch (using the 1-2meter wire as above) to the orange wires. One end of the orange wire goes to one side of the switch and, well you guest it... Connect the other end of the orange wire to the other side of the switch.

    Step 6. Mount your switch (some people may want to swap step 5 and 6 around) somewhere handy. I mounted mine behind the stero fascia directly above where the ashtray woul go. This offers easy access but also hids the switch so no one knows about it

    Step 7. Reconnect the EDI wireing harness and install the glovebox.

    Step 8. Enjoy.....

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    What he said

    And if you don't care about a switch just cut the thin orange wire and put your glovebox back together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakodaemon View Post
    And if you don't care about a switch just cut the thin orange wire and put your glovebox back together
    Or you just reverse the valve - takes 30 seconds, and can easily be returned to stock if you change your mind or sell up

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