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    Feb 2018
    No real problems.
    Although I'm the second owner, HSV replaced the boot lid LED tail/brake lights (parts only) - even with 170k on the vehicle... I was impressed.
    I did the rocker trunion upgrade myself after one started ticking (at about 150k), but all LS's with bigger lift cams should have this done in my opinion.
    Oil usage is almost insignificant and although I don't want to jinx myself it is running really strong.
    Just got the recall letter for the steering, haven't had any issues in that area yet either.
    I am getting a little uncomfortable with the Supercharger rear gear train oil as it has never been changed and has been overdriven now for about 145k.... might pull it off soon and change that oil, might get some porting done while it is off...
    Series 1 Gen F GTS 6A on lpg. Upgraded - exhaust, injectors, cam, intake, isolator, boost, auto.

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    Mar 2008
    Good to read of owners doing ks in their LSA cars.
    I think the LSA is a remarkable engine, so lazy, quite happy to idle along, but absolutely capable of producing the goods, if ya "put the pedal to the metal". And of course my opinion is based solely on a standard engine, I realize many on here have MUCH more power than that.
    The LSA engine in the Commodore is a major attraction for me, and one of the reasons we own our current HSV.

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    Feb 2018
    Passed 190,000km the other week...... and just had a 'crank, no start'. After I changed the fuel pump, found a burnt connector in the FSCM plug which is located under the battery. Not a good job all round, but fixed now and running great again. Also changed the cruise control switch, mine was worn.
    Happy days.
    Series 1 Gen F GTS 6A on lpg. Upgraded - exhaust, injectors, cam, intake, isolator, boost, auto.

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