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Thread: New to HSV

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    New to HSV

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_02 View Post
    Of interest what was the poor idle when cold? that was your first point, then it changed to dyno just to see HP?

    Was it just the tune or was something replaced?

    348 / 335 approx. fwkw or 260 HP. Real rough RWHP=FWKW. vv
    Good question I didn't even ask lol..... he just started from scratch. I'll ask what causes it..... obviously shit tuners. Unless they go out of tune. I've got no idea about tune stuff .... I'm just a beater and painter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HEDSUP View Post
    Felt like ringing the mechanic and asking how he looked at it when it was in my shed.
    Mate, I would. These dodgy Blue Slip mechanics annoy the piss out of me.[/QUOTE]

    Couldn't help myself, I rang and asked do they do dodgy roadies frequently .... told him the situation, he reckons it was in the computer but printed a different day lol riiiiiiiightio then!
    Bullshit I'd say ...... it's getting a blueslip for nsw anyway, I reckon he'll think twice next time he writes one up.

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