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    As you know Nick I've been in your position before as you helped me out with parts. Its a pretty devastating thing to go through with your pride and joy! Its going to be an expensive exercise as you are aware but you'll come out the other side and hopefully with a better package than before which I certainly have. Good luck with it mate.

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    Not a good outcome and I feel for anyone that has hit the wall with their cars capabilities .... there has been plenty of luck with tuning of the LSA and I guess you reached the limits of its capability .... what worries me about factory built production engines is that last 10% of engineering that rattle gun engines really don't get - but the LSA sure is a good thing to start with .... and even I was starting to believe it is an infallible combo - but you've proved that it's not .... (which is a timely reminder for all) ... I've tried to read between the lines with your posts and in my old fashioned thinking it takes me back to my basic thinking of days gone by ... there is nothing more important than controlled temps and perfect valve train harmonics .... even some of the big name head builders are still not producing a perfect head job which is leaving the opportunity to get perfect harmonics impossible ... and it only takes 5 secs to do an initial check on heads .... ive yet to see an LSA with a good valve height job from factory and whilst the donk will work well ... it's never going to be perfect ... Engine harmonics are king and I hope your next combo is indexed to within an inch (thou) of its life .... all the best

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