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    By-Passing handbrake lock on DVD players

    Just installed a JVC KDX1 awesome head unit. I've also installed a switch on the "handbrake lead" so I can turn the DVD lock on and off to in an attempt to ward off any BS fine's from the piggies.

    The lead simply needs to be grounded to let the DVD play, break the ground (with a switch) and the DVD playback stops as the unit thinks the handbrake is down and the car must be in motion.

    Simple but handy trick.
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    its a good idea mate

    a lot of people simply opt for not having a cut at all when they get them installed but if you are worried about the police and getting fines its probabaly quite a good idea. this way you have control of it and can simply turn it off if you know its distracting you
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    DVD handbrake wire

    The only thing to be careful of is that if you earth the handbrake wire the light on the dash will stay on. This can be fixed with a diode. This will stop the light coming on with the switch on so the DVD plays all the time. Not that we would do this as it illegal to drive and have entertainment being displayed in the drivers view. I just hope they donít ban bikini clad young ladies from the streets as it may be a distraction to drivers ;o) Hang on .... What about the rear vision mirror.... you may be tempted to to take your eyes off the road to look at the rear vision mirror or speedo too. Thank goodness common sense usually prevails.
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    Re: DVD handbrake wire

    Quote Originally Posted by hsvcarstereo
    I just hope they donít ban bikini clad young ladies from the streets as it may be a distraction to drivers ;o)
    they are very distracting. they have the potention to cause accidents alright

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