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    My FI Interchiller Feedback

    This is not a paid review and I have chosen myself to write this for Kirk at FI Interchillers.

    In September 2016, I installed an LSA blower onto my 2016 VF II SSV-R Sportwagon. Whilst doing the blower installation, I decided to install one of FI Interchillers 6.5L reservoir tanks. I placed the order and soon a box arrived via Express Post. The reservoir was easy to install in the AC plenum chamber. Bleeding the intercooler system from air only took a matter of minutes as you could distinctly hear the air bubbles stop with the pump running. On the dyno the reservoir gave a much needed increase in thermal capacity of the system to allow 6 – 8 back to back pulls without the IAT2 creeping up on each run. At Roll Racing the reservoir helped there too with the IAT2 coming up during the run but instantly coming back down due to the large capacity of the system.

    I regularly and almost daily use the Dash Command app on my iPhone and my car would see an IAT2 of about 7 - 10*C above ambient temperature. Winter days would be on the lower side and the Summer days toward the 10*C above ambient.

    In February 2017, I added one of FI Interchillers LSA Lid Spacers. I placed my order with Kirk and shortly after the lid spacer arrived via Express Post. The quality of the lid spacer was quite impressive. High tensile bolts and washers were provided along with the O-Ring seal. The blower lid was removed and the lid spacer was installed. Everything aligned correctly and there was no warping of the spacer. A staggered torque fastening method was used and the job was quickly done.

    Still in the heat of Sydney’s Summer I was keen to see what change the Lid Spacer made. The difference the Lid Spacer made was instantly noticed. On a 40*C + day in Sydney traffic I was now 5 - 6*C above ambient temps in all driving conditions going off my Dash Command data. The blower lid felt noticeably colder by hand even after a long stint in traffic. The blower lid was cold enough that you could keep your hand on the blower lid even though the engine bay was well and truly heatsoaked. The Lid Spacer made a big difference with a heatsoaked engine bay and IAT2 would recover much quicker than previously for hot starts.

    In June I ordered the FI Interchiller 18“ Race Chiller with the Competition Solenoid. Kirk gave me a lead time on the order and kept me up to date. Four weeks later my kit was delivered. I read the installation manual and watched the installation videos. I decided to install the Interchiller myself at a friend’s house that has a hoist. With average mechanical skills I felt I was competent to install it myself.

    I went to the local Auto Electrician and got the AC system vacuumed. I decided to remove the front mount heat exchanger for my installation. With some help of my friend it took about 5 hours to install. With basic hand tools the installation was easily accomplished and I didn’t suffer any setbacks during the installation. All of the hoses were of the correct length. I decided to go a bit further and insulate all my hoses to get the full benefit of the system. I topped up the 6.5L reservoir and in a few minutes the system was bled and it was time to go back to the Auto Electrician. The Auto Electrician vacuumed the AC system and then charged the AC system as per the instructions. Once charged, the intercooler hoses instantly started to feel colder and the AC was blowing cold inside the car.

    The system works perfectly and makes the IAT2 numbers as claimed. In competition mode the IAT2 can be very quickly pulled down which is great for track use. My cabin AC is blowing colder than stock. I am really looking forward to using this system in Sydney Summer weather and at the track without worrying about IAT2 going too high.

    In the near future I will get my car back to my tuner to tweak the various tables to get the most out of the system. I previously made 400rwkw before the Lid Spacer and Interchiller installation.

    Kirk is very professional and has always answered my questions before and after the installation. The call from Kirk on the day I did the installation was much appreciated and shows the customer support is there. I can recommend this product as there any many benefits and gains to be made.

    For info my car is the following;
    2016 VF II SSV-R Wagon
    - LSA blower
    - 10% Overdrive
    - Cold Air Intake
    - ID1000 injectors
    - 1-3/4” Long 4-1 Extractors, 100cpsi cats, twin 2.5”
    - FI Interchiller 18” Race Chiller with Competition Solenoid, 6.5L Reservoir & LSA Lid Spacer
    - Kenne Bell Boost A Pump

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    Great write up Scott thanks for sharing with people your experience.
    Most people buy the w**** kit and don't test individually each component like you have so it's good to see each piece of the puzzle working on their own and showing steps of improvement in the car.

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    2017 HSV GTSR
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    9.700 @143.14mph 17/July/2017
    V-Box Results 0-100km/h in 2.47sec

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