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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_02 View Post
    I'm using this post as I don't have a car for sale this thread looks close enough.

    I'm very keen to know what a few forum members think I could sell my car for, or trade on a new GTS.
    It is a black auto Nov 14 built, MY15 paddle shift. 45000kms. I would have thought 65k but I can see them
    for 70-78k plus on road, I know this is asking price, but I've also seen some 2013 MY14 for mid 60's sold
    If I can get 65 to 70ish I will sell and buy a new 16 or 17 model.

    I guess a dealer may give 65 and try to sell for 75 or am I way off. I would prefer to drive in and drive out within an hour or so and not do the carsales thing.
    Phone a few dealers, you'll get the answer you're looking for in 5mins
    2014 Gen-F GTS
    2017 VF2 SS-V Redline Hackwagon

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    Agree then add 5 k

    Correction add, $13,000 and sell private.
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    Okay Nov 14 black auto MY15 new tread and rego with warranty 45000 Paddles GTS tint tow no mods or damage
    is worth 57k
    Where can i buy one? Think ill sell private

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