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    I'm not bagging the GTS-R at all, and I would happily pay the extra over a GTS if I was buying new now, but the specs on paper don't show any performance superiority over a GTS

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    Even though this is my own post, I would also like to know some more actual reasons.

    The reason i want to change is this and only this: i dont wanna drive around in my LSA and see a guy driving a gtsr and it always be a kick in the guts. i'm spending $90k... might as well spend $110k

    But in terms of difference... i paid the extra $2k for the rimfire wheels so the wheels will be the same size.
    Others are:
    - 6 piston bracks standard (i only got the standard 4 piston brakes, apparently unless ur burning rubber on a track difference is minimal)
    - quilted interior seats
    - different front and rear bar
    - wider wheel arches to accommodate wheels (my ride has that black plastic strip to bake up for this)
    - Enhanced Driver Interface

    Is there really anything else? the extra 25kw at the flywheel... as far as i know it equates to 0 @ rear wheels.

    And i'm not trying to start an argument, but what else is the upgrade?

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    Thing is, at this stage of the game, I see the difference being more than 20k. They're getting too hard to get a hold of new, so you will pay a premium for it. The bulk of the sedans are advertised 20-30k above what they should be selling at or around 40k above a 30th Ann GTS.
    145k drive away on a car that has a suggested retail of 110k +on roads. The utes are rarer, so if you can find one, you'll likely pay the same or more.

    To me, it wouldn't be worth a 30-40k difference, as that's where I see it at the moment. You'd be better off waiting it out and picking one up ex demo or used later down the track.

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    My mate picked up a GTSR auto maloo for $110k just 3 weeks ago, and GWS holden have 1 more maloo gtsr in auto still to sell.

    Just the manuals are hard to come by.

    But like everyone knows, the price will inflate temporarily, and after 12 months if i really want i'll buy a gtsr and sell my lsa.

    but anyone actually know the real difference between the LSA maloo and GTSR maloo other than what i wrote above?

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    I have a GTSR maloo on order in white manual that I want to get out of. Arriving Sept.
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