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    I used to run an old '93 XR8 years ago ( before I saw the light ) on AvGas because it rattled it's head off on 98 Pump fuel. It wasn't modified much at all, it was just a lemon with a blue badge.
    I dread the thought of spending 10k+ on modding an LSA, taking it to the strip and finding out the hard way that the last tank full of 98 fuel was dodgy. It is a little difficult to do a fuel analysis out of your boot......I'd be making absolutely sure that the "Pump Fuel" from the local servo wasn't going to be the cause of a catrastophic bang. I'd also add a little something to simply make sure that the fuel was not less than 98 RON before holding the pedal hard against the firewall down the 1/4 mile or worse still the full mile.

    Will 10% toluene pick up 0.2 or 0.5 seconds on the 1/4 mile ??..no idea !!

    Will 10% toluene help save metal fragments sitting in the bottom of the sump ????.....More likely than not !!

    Would I top up the octane with Toluene or similar prior to a strip run ????...Bloody oath I would..

    Would I care if some people got their noses out of joint because they thought i was being dishonest.

    Nah !

    Would I care if someone else's car was faster than Mine.......

    Nah !

    ........and yes, I do have a Chiller.......Might not be all that handy in Birmingham in winter but pretty useful in Brisbane all year round...
    GTSR Maloo Interchiller

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    Whyc does it bother you so much, no one cares except you

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