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    I think the W1 is truly a spectacular vehicle in all aspects! It will be a true collectors item in years to come. The brakes, suspension, driveline and motor are truly insane. I mean the car laps faster than the new C63 AMG, Alfa Romeo Giulia, BMW M3, M5 around a track... Andddd then it burns them down the 1/4 mile as well. Not to mention it will take way more punishment around a track lap after lap than the euro counter parts.

    I am in ore of what HSV have done, they pretty much built a race car that we can drive our the roads... Ford/FPV didn't build anything nor have they changed there old world cars in over a decade! The "sprint" is hardly a touch up, and its over boost button is a joke they handle disgracefully, interior sub-par, brakes are tiny, no technology at all. The barra is good, but cannot compare to an LSA let a lot an LS9.

    Rant over. LOL.

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    What track have they ran it on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craze View Post
    What track have they ran it on?


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