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    My use of wording key and fob could have been better!

    One point I thought was worth adding unless someone knows, many of these systems hold a small charge for say 30 seconds
    (a capacitor) so I would highly recommend you do some prep for your hot battery change, that is get the new bty in within a few seconds. I'd hate to find out a lengthy bty swap meant both keys needed to be re flashed.

    Does the key fob slot work with a dead dead bty or bty removed I doubt it.
    Anyone know what is behind the key fob slot, it looks all plastic and the USB connection hides the front of the key fob slot
    does the drink holder pull out? Whilst the CR2032 cant be recharged the car may have a key interrogation system, that way if the
    battery dies/equivalent to short circuiting you can still start the car, but you still need to get inside the car.
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