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    That would look perfect in my garage...

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    "No RHD Yet"?....I believe "˙et" is appropriate, because I reckon I've read that the next "Gen" Corvette WILL be built in RHD, as will Camaro, but of course we'll get converted Camaros as from next year via HSV or whatever HSV will be called then.
    But Corvette?....Jeez, "Spirit Of America" or whatever, it is a real "Halo" Car, and with factory RHD, & the cost reduction that will bring as well as being imported via GM, the price could be very reasonable, certainly less than converted items now, plus the integrity of "Factory RHD".

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    Pickles is right the next gen may be right hand drive, also rumors around mentioning rear engine model sold along side front engine model

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    I was recently looking into the LT4 with a friend of mine as he was considering importing an Gen 6 ZL1 and then modifying it.
    The main issue with modifying it was fuel delivery the direct injection system had 1 upgrade option which didn't/doesn't appear to have much head room in terms of pushing the car very far, this is why those with the LT4 are running methanol injection and relying on it as a fuel source, eg 80% petrol 20% methanol to achieve desired air fuel ratio.

    Or they were installing different manifolds and installing conventional wet port injection.

    With the LT5 GM have now obviously found this out for themselves so it will be interesting to see if this new technology can be adapted to the older LT4 engines so have both wet and direct port injection.

    The LT5 should haver a pretty decent fuel system being that it's running 16 injectors and definitely gives a good scope for future upgrades, it will also be interesting if the wet port injectors have any additional controllability in the tune like the direct injectors have.

    I think well done to GM for doing this, although it would be nice if we could also eventually get a DOHC from GM with both direct and wet port injection.

    Mercury Racing recently released a DOHC version for the LS7 here: http://www.lsxmag.com/news/mercury-r...d-the-sb4-7-0/

    This would be the way forward for GM a nice big cube engine DOHC with direct port and wet port injection.
    A couple of turbos attached in the aftermarket on low boost it would easily make over 1000HP and easily make up to 2000-2500

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