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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    Mate, you are not necessarily on the wrong site.
    Despite the probably hundreds of thousands of modified commodores, there are only TWO credible "FACTORY" modified brands, ... they are HDT & HSV, which have plenty in common.
    So, your VL Group A Plus Pack. Yes, the HDT "Bible" shows it to be a genuine Plus Pack. Plus Pack has Polariser, rear window decal, plus pak decal on front of car & both rear 1/4 windows, Peter Brock signature on front guard Group A badge. different springs & fuel pressure regulater plus cylinder head cooling aids, 22 psi decals on wheels, can't remember any more!
    The current pwner of HDT Special Vehicles, Peter Champion, is a good friend of mine, & has done a huge job in the continuance of HDT. I suggest you look at their website, talk to them, & see what you need in any missing bits.
    Can you tell Peter to stop trying to reinvent the wheel with VE/VF cars and stick to the VC-VL.

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    Byron Bay
    Why Howard?????? He is a bloody good builder and an exceptional eye for detail!

    There was a very strong rumour only 2yrs ago there were a number of disgruntled Holden dealerships that were going to start selling VF HDT vehicles. That came to me from a very big non HSV dealer principal. Would have been a game changer if it did happen

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