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    Quote Originally Posted by RCBVFGTS View Post
    there was someone actually doing customisation of the actual fire extinguisher somewhere too. I remember seeing photos of his work and I was exceptionally impressed to say the least. One I do recall was he painted it silver and put current GTS decals on it. Looked first class too!
    I remember them as well, think it was a guy in QLD. They did look good.

    Put my order in last week, hopefully it arrives before I go away

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    Remember that painting a fire extinguisher different colours won't pass scruitineering as they have to be red with white band (dry Chem).. water or co2' not allowed if it's for personal use I guess it wouldn't Matter but for cams events I wouldn't pass it,them the rules so keep it in mind for s.s.cams or hillclimb events guys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJR View Post
    Bugger, I ordered mine before I saw this post

    I will enquire with my local AutoBarn store this weekend, they know me well by now. I seem to be spending a bit of time there lately
    Thanks very much. The deal from Amazon is pretty good ... they can ship a lot cheaper than I can. My cost on the freight to Aust is actually a couple of dollars more than what I charge because I have a flat global rate.

    The quell auto and marine extinguisher from Miter 10 works really well. Throw a rubber band around the stupid tin compliance tag to stop it from rattling though.

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