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Thread: 2017 LSA Clubby

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZ EVLHSV View Post
    Mine gets driven hard, and it doesn't handle any better than my VF2 SSV Redline, even in track mode. Both cars have the same height King Springs fitted, although the SSV has HD rears as it's a wagon

    TV may help you if you go in too hard and **** it up, but otherwise it's of no noticeable value

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    I reckon the TV definitely helps with mid corner speed. You just have to learn how to use it. Its not about going in to hot its more about applying constant to increasing throttle during the corner. It helps the car rotate and you come out the other side going "bugger me that was great"
    I agree its not effective on tight radius stuff but as the corners open up, it makes a big difference.

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    Agreed, watched Luffy in a vid and there's definately a technique in getting the best out of it. He seemed to be getting back on the gas just before the apex.

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