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Thread: Hsv vp gts #52

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hsvvp5i View Post
    So glad history was set straight , so many times history gets distorted from the truth, when people are biased about a particular aspect of it, or rather believe in fairy tales because most of the time the truth isn't so pretty. It's good to have people like yourself, that can see through the bullshit, so the newer generations don't get the wrong impression

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    Where was history distorted?
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    Hsv vp gts #52

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    ...I should've bought a Throttle set, but really, in those days, $2750 was a fair bit of money, was worth a bit more then, than it is now!
    I was going to say it's all relative and that it was probably still worth $5k in today's money.

    I think it's cheaper to buy a car with a set on it now and sell the car off with a set of bananas on it!

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