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    Jul 2017
    It is a good idea to change the oil out in the diff, it will stop the whine, that reminds me I do need to do mine again, I dont have any noises but will change it every 10k miles its only £75 and a doddle to do

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    Jul 2015
    We've done a couple under warranty with low kays for the same noises

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    Nov 2017
    Just had mine changed out this week and made no difference. Still noisy when you take your foot off the accelerator

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    I put Royal Purple Max gear in mine, can't hear a thing any more. Oh yeh and no additive needed.
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    Just got my diff changed under warranty due to it whining with only 30000kms. Have to say I thought I would get the run around from the dealer, how ever the were awesome. After a quick drive, they agreed to change it, diff arrived 4 days later. Dropped of in the morning and was ready by 3pm. It feels like i picked up a new car, didnít feel
    Like I was driving a taxi anymore!!!

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