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    Howard did you not get a delivery date on your contract, if so that should be your come back to them should'nt it. My last 2 new cars I've purchased without walking into a showroom. Just make a phone call, less stress, no sales bullshit, your not on their turf where they can manipulate you into making an emotional decision. It's worked for me and both deals have worked out great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howard View Post
    I'm in a similar boat..or plane as Air . I was told final colour choice was not need until May/June several times and as recently as mid March. Over the weekend I asked again and was today told this Friday is the deadline. So basically if I didn't ask nobody would have called me.

    On top of that my December build/compliance/delivery is now apparently October. I have made it clear that based on the representations at the time of deposit, I made commitments elsewhere and expect a December build and delivery.

    Seriously, I got better service buying a $13k new KIA Picanto for the office.

    Holden showrooms are a ghost town on weekends. Meanwhile, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, even KIA and Hyundai are a hive of activity. Once the V8 is gone, these 'salespeople' will be struggling to give away water in a drought.
    Sorry to hear that Howard but at least the dealer has not gone back on the deal.
    After reading the negative experiences here it compels me to tell of my positive experience. Initially I wanted a W1 and after waiting 18 months with a deposit down, was told on the 1st Feb. the dealer allocation was gone. I was pissed off. I then decided to buy a manual GTSR sedan as not to miss out on a manual GTSR variant vehicle.
    The sales person I was dealing with genuinely worked to secure the build number I requested, kept me informed with cut off dates along with securing my prefeted delivery month. I still get calls weekly to talk cars even though the deal is done.
    I have brought new cars from VW, landrover, toyota, honda, ford, mazda and alfa over the last 20 years, along with holden of course and have never had the service to date from any of these brands as I got from the HSV sales person at the dealership I purchased from.
    One happy customer now.

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    When buying a car, I let a "business partner" negotiate the price etc. That way, my emotion is kept out of the equation. Simon was very good; have not needed hid services for a long time - very happy with car-car.

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    i expect my Maloo R8 LSA to be delivered september 1.

    I purchased from HSV in chadstone, i purchased a ssv redline ute last year from the same dealer, i got good service and everything else, i dont really understand what you expect the dealer to do for you.

    Ive had family and friends buy mercs and bmw's and they get a slightly better treatment... and that i mean a cap, umbrella, personalised coffee mug or some crap, all up maybe $100 worth of crap.

    as long as your dealer is honest, gets you a good price, cant complain.

    i'll repost once i pick up my maloo in September!

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