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    Perth- Right Lane Drivers
    Born in 71, dad was a Holden man through and through. He bought new Holden's all through my childhood and before, HK Monaro, HQ Premier, HJ, HZ etc. he drummed into me why Holden was so much better than the Ford and sat me down to watch Bathurst just to prove his point. He showed me how to service your own car and change the plugs and points as well as general car care.
    Needless to say I grew up with a deep respect for the product and couldn't wait until I had one of my own.

    I was 17 when I bought my first, it was a V8 LH Torana 4 speed complete with a nice size cam and side pipe for an exhaust. I was in love.
    Shortly after in 1988 I was cruising along a dual lane highway when this silver futuristic car slowly cruised past me, I was transfixed! It turns out it was the all new Walkinshaw VL Group A Commodore, a new 'brand' called Holden Special Vehicles.
    It was my dream right then to have a HSV!

    Since then I have owned the following HSV's plus an assortment of Holden's. I loved every one of them.

    VR Senator
    VX Clubsport
    VX GTS
    VY Clubsport R8
    E3 Senator
    VF GTS
    Current Ride: GenF GTS #2580 Heron White Manual 2015
    Previous Ride: E3 Senator SV #123 Sizzle Manual 2011
    Previous Ride: VYII R8 #354 Ultra Violet Manual 2004

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    Last century I loved BMW they were mechanical, always manual E30 E28 E34. Felt exclusive. This century every real estate agent has one. Went from reserve to full time Army, only needed "beaters". On exchange with USA my beater was a 2.5 k dollar auto vw Jetta, that never let me down. Total loss of car mojo left me depressed, and looking for something the opposite. Came back to Australia. Impulse Blue Monaro demonstrator was just amazing in 2004. Marriage and kids, need for real estate in Sydney lead to Magna AWD (good, so good I'm building one now with Mits 380 engine). Sign on bonus at new job, Got a VZ Monaro, got it right with Higgens head, Lunati cam, very wrong with coilover choice. Heading for superannuation access age, got another great job, celebrated by Ebaying the Monaro, and getting a VF Senator series 1 demonstrator. Love the magnetic ride control ride after the wrong coilovers in the Monaro. So much comfort features (heads up display, blind spot warning, collision warning, head lights, for an old guy), all the performance I need. It's now out of warranty and plan to mod, but after my mistakes with the VZ Monaro very carefully.
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    Just read through this thread again,....some excellent stories here!

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    First car was a v6 auto mock vr maloo.
    Always loved utes and more importantly maloo. The traded that In on a vs panther mika hsv enhances ss. That was my project for a while and spent my house deposit on a full engine conversion with l98 heads and cam and a t56. Had brand new red vy ss red leather interior with a big brake upgrade with harrop 4 piston brakes all round big stereo. But the thing had issues from day one. Horsepower factory did the conversion in Melbourne and since I was 12 hours north they didnít want to know about it. They mounted the crank angle sensor near the exhaust so whenever it got warm the car would just die until it cooled down a hour or so later. Was really quite dangerous and almost got me killed once. So it broke me and eventually sold it for next to nothing. Had a string of 4wds after before I missed owning a v8 so bought a mint vx clubby with heads cam built auto already done. Loved it but couldnít get it in my steep af drive way so couldnít keep it at my place and stored it a hour away which was painful so sold it and bought a vrod Harley. That lasted 6 months before I wanted a v8 again. Enter my E3 maloo. Always was my favourite hsv/car drove a new vf maloo (non lsa) but couldnít go past the VE it was a one owner mature owner who bought it for himself as a retirement present for himself before his misses decided she wanted to travel and needed a 4wd and caravan so sold it to me 100% bog stock original other then its second set of tyres. Absolutely love my maloo and it will be with me till the day I die

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    Lots of good and interesting reading in this thread ...

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    good reading, the the family were never car people but i'm of the vintage of the time when brocky and holden were dominating Bathurst/racing in Australia and everyone likes a winner i guess so i always leant towards holdens. I didn't own a holden in the old days but i drove mates cars and always loved the v8's, i bought a cordia turbo which gave me the FI/power bug which by todays standards isnt much but in the day it was speedy and i hammered that thing.
    Like everyone along came the wife,kids,house so a series of shopping trolleys and soccer mum cars. Was finally in a position to buy something for myself so after a particularly hard job away and being a bit cashed up i was browsing the car pages on the net and found a low k pristine nitrate ls3 ve hsv clubby. Loved the car and ended up supercharging etc which made a good car even better.Like some others i made the mistake of test driving the vf gts but couldnt justify the price until they had a great deal on end of model sale. Ended up with 2015 gts and i love it much better than ve series, have done a few mods which once again has made
    a great car even better. Love the HSV's ive had but cant see myself buying another with the current line up.

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    Unlike a lot of guys here I've only owned the one HSV and it was many years ago. It was a VP Senator 5000i, number 136/136 in Canterbury Blue. I dreamed of owning a VP Senator 5000i ever since I saw one at the Sydney Motor show. However it wasn't my first HSV love (well built by HSV at least).

    That was the Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV. I actually didn't know anything about Holden's until I saw this beautiful winged beast in a book in my School Library of all places. I couldn't take my eyes off it! Later I saw one in the metal when on holiday interstate with my family. My young mind was blown! However as you would expect I couldn't own such a beast as my first car... However I still did ok, my first steed was a mildly modified 1986 VL Calais Turbo. I loved this thing so much and it was very fast back then, especially compared to my friend's cars.

    Alas it was stolen after being left alone for all of 10 mins I was devastated and did a fair bit of hard earned dough. The scumbags actually used it to knock off pharmacies out west for a year, cops said they couldn't catch it. They blew the turbo and it was dumped and then stolen again and a lot of it stripped. Then dumped again. I wanted to rebuild it but I could not afford it unfortunately so it became the property of the insurance company. Someone would have fixed it I think, I hope it didn't go to the wreckers. If I could have found that car again later I would have bought it but I've never even seen the same combo again. It was a genuine Turbo with Auto, 1986 Series 1 in Evening Blue over silver with Sandalwood velour interior.

    From there I bought another Calais Turbo, auto again, 1988 Series 2 in Midnight Blue inc HDT style bodykit with Grey Velour interior. I modded it more but never liked it as much. One day I was driving past a Parramatta Rd used car dealer and I spotted a blue VP Senator out the front... That was 5000i number 136. The dealer didn't know what it was but I knew the car from Street Commodores magazine. I knew it had a big dollar stroker in it and that it was actually worked on by the same mechanic who worked on my VL. It had been traded on a brand new heavily modified LS1 VT CSV which was a big deal car then as the LS1 was only just on the scene. I traded the VL and had a dream car in my garage.

    However it was quite rough in a lot of places. I ended up redoing nearly all the mechanicals, suspension, brakes, diff, then gave it a full respray and refinished the wheels. It looked dead stock but very clean and sounded tough. Then the LS bug bit me and the HSV also became impossible to insure. I sold it cheap as no one wanted it, the new owner took it to WA. I still can picture it driving away and the feeling that I made a big mistake. Still, after a 6 month wait (!) I had a brand new Phantom black VXII SS 6 speed with grey leather. I modified this car but never really got into it, maybe it was the remnants of love of that HSV Senator. Not long after I had bought the SS the Monaro had been released and I had not been able to stop thinking about it. The HSV version looked a bit OTT to me, I loved the shape of the Holden version.

    I eventually bit the bullet and traded the still relatively new SS on a brand spanking Pulse red Monaro CV8-R 6 speed. The last brand new one available in the country. From the moment I drove this car it felt right. I was really in love with thing. It just needed some mechanical improvements. I still have it today but with plenty of mods (more than ever intended but not crazy). I've owned lots of cars since of various brands including other Holden's but the Monaro has remained. It still excites me to look at it and drive it. Still gets lots of looks and compliments too. This is where my Holden and HSV journey ends.
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    Born in 69, I reckon I've been watching the V8's since about the age of 5, love it. FAst forward 15 years and purchased my first Holden before I even had my licence, Kalgoolie Gold with white roof EH Special, 3 on the tree one owner. I loved that car but hated the gearbox. Saved some money during my apprenticeship to hopefully one day upgrade to a Tory or Monaro but the dam things were always financially just out of reach, got a Hemi Orange 770 Vh charger instead, they were cheap. Then I discovered the 6pack version, bought a one owner E37 which was mint and don't they haul the mail, had great times in this beast. Got married, had kids, mortgage then a VZ Monaro which I still have, my first V8 which I never thought would happen, I love this car. Then the news, Holdens closing and there will be no more, put a deposit down on a gtsr in March 17, picked it up in December, my first HSV but what a great starting point, totally incredible car which along with the Monaro I will keep forever.

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    My story

    Back when i was 16 bought a vp v6 with a new paint job and good stereo
    Didnt know any better and thought rebuilding the car would make it last 10 years or so

    Did all the suspension, brakes, power steering, diff, trans, engine spent probably $25k on it, all to find everything I replaced broke again, nothing seemed to last like factory
    My mate when 20 got a vz clubsport which would be like having a vf clubsport lsa on your p"s, boy was i jealous!
    Always loved the look of hsvs but could not afford one
    Nvmyvx used to flat around frankston (vx gts) and that thing sounded nuts
    Vt gts 300 was also spotted a few times
    The guy i got the vp off bought a vr 215 senator manual
    He took us out a few times (ls1 had only just been released), it felt like the quickest thing on the planet!

    After the vp v6 race engine dropped a valve spring and trashed the motor id had enough sold it and drove a camry for a while

    Got a missus and thought id better get a work car
    Well came back and showed the missus my new car, vt clubsport!
    Boy was she pissed
    Had it for 1.5 years
    Had a few dramas with it and traded it for a navara (even worked out of the clubby for a while as a sparkie haha)

    Then i was a good boy for a few years driving iloads
    Finally got a few euro cars, a vz clubby, sold that quickly and now a ve gts which is getting a stroker built
    Love my euro cars and love my hsv

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    My first car was a Holden RA LT Rodeo, loved this car, spent all of my little pay on modifying it too (lift, tyres, bulbar, lights, stereo, exhaust, etc). Then I spun a bottom end bearing in 2008 and that was that...

    Then I bought a brand new VE SV6 ute back in 2008, same deal, modified this too (I know its a v6 should have left it stock) but I was young.

    Sold the SV6 and bought a brand spanker 2010 VE SSV, phantom black, manual, it was my first v8 and I adored this car... Had it for 3 years, modified it, drove it every day, tracked it, loved it...

    I sold it for an Mitsubishi evo x in 2013 (when they did the big update) again, modified the evo quite hard and raced it (Mallala, targa night stage, etc)...

    Sold that and bought my old man's 100 series landcruiser when he decided to sell, had that until mid 2016 and now here i am in my 2016 genf2 clubsport

    I turn over cars quite a lot, but I really hope I can hang onto this clubby, owning a HSV has always been my dream and once they announced the GENF2 range, I just had to get one!


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