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    What's your HSV story?

    Hi all,

    With the end of HSV, as we know it, coming up soon, it got me thinking about how I got involved with the brand. I was also wondering about other people's stories.

    Personally, I've never owned a HSV. My dad bought a VR Senator 215i manual (build number 466) when I was 13 in 1998 and this was enough to convert me from a rebellious Ford fan (this is why I enjoyed HSVGTS125's story about his EL GT). He bought it for less than $30k from Zupps in Aspley, which was a bit of a steal at the time. It was the first V8 I got to drive and he traded it in for a new 2001 VX Berlina LS1 for more than $30k. Years later I owned a VR Exec, 5L, 5 speed in the same colour (hermitage grey) that was almost the spitting image of it (just an SS kit instead of a HSV kit).

    Since then, my little brother has been flying the HSV flag in our family after buying a new red, manual E3 GTS with the brake upgrade, then a new red, manual VF GTS and finally a black, auto VFII R8 Tourer LSA for the impending children (he is mighty pissed that he wasn't told about the MY17 tourer options!!!). Luckily for me I got to drive all 3 when they needed servicing!

    Funnily enough, the Senator has come back into our extended family after the latest owner hit a cow out towards Taroom and our family friend bought the wreck. Hopefully one day we'll get it back up to scratch.

    Once my finances settle down and I buy a family home I am hoping to get into something from the VN-VS era as a bit of a weekender. The ultimate goal is to own an initial build Walky, but that won't be before my 40th birthday.

    Sorry for the rant, but I'd be interested in hearing other people's stories about how they became infatuated with HSVs.


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    mine is simple....!
    HSV were the last 'part' of Holden to offer a wagon with a MANUAL transmission

    Holden decided with VF to offer NO wagons with a manual trans... which pissed me off after
    3 VE SSV manual wagons (and about a dozen other Holden V8 manual wagons going back to the 80s)

    And when HSV announced with GEN-F2 that they too would stop offering wagons with manuals transmissions
    I went looking. To say there were not many left is an understatement, one at a dealer in Perth (with a deposit),
    one on a truck about to arrive in Brisbane and one just delivered to a dealer in Sydney.

    I bought the Sydney one.. it was my preferred colour and had EDI and the better SV340 engine. Nuff said

    an EDIT to this...
    in terms of the 'brand' my father bought a 48/215 (aka FX) Holden... the 1st Holden in 1951
    I have the last of the last
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    My two brothers and I were brought up by a Holden/HSV loving father. There have always been Holdens in our family, my Dad lusted after a HSV, one brother almost bought one but I carried the flag with my Senator purchase.

    It was a tough choice though... I absolutely love overpowered wagons, but the Tourers demand the same if not more money than a Senator... which when it comes down to it is Clubsport vs Senator. If they made a higher speced Tourer I'd have been all over it.

    The Senator won out, and I have had a long standing love of the SV08, something about the Nitrate silver with the higher gloss black sections makes it look just that little bit better than a regular Senator. I just wanted one...

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    I started with holdens when I was a kid, we had a bunch of them in the house and even though neither of my parents are car fanatics in the slightest, it was just the brand I got comfortable being around.

    I learned to drive in a VN Executive so it had bugger all in the way of safety features, so if anything it's taught me how to drive properly because it didn't feature anything to protect me from being a dumbass.

    My first car was a VY acclaim, then the obsessions with HSV's took hold. I've been lusting after a senator since the VZ range debuted. Its something to do with the luxury look and feel rather than the sporty nature of the GTS. Even though I love all the HSV range, the senator has been my favourite in each model range.

    With the VF being the final model coming out of Holden, i couldn't hold out any longer. So as a combined Birthday and Christmas present I bought a Gen-F2 Senator. No regrets at all! My love affair has only grown stronger.

    I do wish that they'd offered the tourer in the Senator trim as a luxury wagon option, as I would have had one of those instead, but I love my sedan. Now just need to get my hands on some extra dollars so that I can get a wagon for the bike.

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    Hi All

    long time lurker first time poster

    always been a holden guy, get it from both my grandparents, when I was about 12 the walky was released, I immediately wanted one, also wanted a vl group a ss, in the mid to late 90's I brought a hsv enhanced vp ss, I loved that car until some bastards stole it and torched it.

    Last year I decided bite the bullet and buy a HSV, a new one is out of my price range but I managed to find a 09 Grange for a good price, i wanted a Senator but after seeing the Grange I knew I wanted it, now you can't take the smile off my face when I drive it

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    I was surrounded by Fords growing up but, when it came time for my first set of wheels, all the cool kids were driving Holdens, Brocky was a super hero and HSV were making the hottest cars on the market. Never thought I'd actually get to own one but time, jobs and money were kind enough to give me the opportunity to grab my dream ride. Enter one MY09 Senator Signature.

    MY09 Senator Signature
    Cleaned --- Protected --- Driven

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    In 1990 there was an article in the Saturday Courier Mail motoring section about the upcoming VN Clubsport. We ran a VN S pack for work so I was familiar with the bare bones and this looked good. Specs and price seemed good and I was looking for a new car to replace my ex group E 323i. Which was getting too many km on it. I did some investigation but missed out on the initial build. Dealer tried to talk me into an SS but I wasn't really into the SS after the specs on the Clubbie. A few months on and more Clubbies were released so I grabbed one. Mine was probably one of the last and had a VP interior so I was really happy. Front seats were not so good for long trips so I changed them for some Recaros. Was a great touring vehicle. Did well over 100,000km in four years. Managed 16 L/100 at 200kph! In the NT of course.

    Then an XR6 and an SS (blame children for the spec change), and an XR6 turbo and F6 before picking up a new E1 R8. Then against my initial prejudices an E2 R8. It was not as good looking to my eyes but the alternative F6 was a let down for everything except going straight and the 5.4 was a boat anchor.

    That lasted four years while I waited for the GenF GTS. The best HSV for me. A truly great car and thanks to HSV for putting it together.

    That lasted three and a bit years before going back to Bavaria.

    GTSR W1 too much for me and it was time to downsize.
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    Growing up, we were a Ford family; Zephyr, Cortina, Falcon and then Fairmont for the first twenty years.
    Mini, Falcon, Lotus, Volvo and then Statesman was my run for the early years; Mercedes and Grange at the end. SWMBO didn't like the 420 SEL because it didn't look modern enough. At three years old, this recently traded Grange was only $2,000 more expensive than a six months older Caprice. Apart from the bonnet HSV logo, it didn't have any I can go faster than you badges on the sides or rear and had just on 75,000 Km. The owners get a his or hers Grange at each model change. The WL was to be his.
    So far, car-car has been humming along very nicely and was certainly one of the only two really good used-car buys I have made. The second was a Range Rover in California.
    The main thing I like is the anonymity; most people do not know what it is and as such, the "I can go faster than you brigade" don't bother me. Will have had the Grange for ten years in May and only had to replace expected consumables.
    Good for me, bad for HSV because it still does not need replacing!

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    Knew PB through racing, very well, even before He was famous, well before HDT. Bought an A9X, sold it to buy a VK Group A, then caught the HDT "BuG" & continued on from there. So, A9X, VK Group A, VK Director VL Group A (P.P.), VN Group A, CV8 Monaro, VZ GTO,...then We went "Euro" with an AMG C63,..had a few others, and wifey now drives a little beast, an Audi RS3, which is FAST.
    The Club was invited to HSV Notting Hill for the SV88 launch, & later the VL Walkinshaw launch where John Harvey offered me the keys!
    But whilst We haven't owned any sort of Holden for a while, our involvement has continued through the HSVOC, a great bunch of people, I would anyone with an HSV to join their local branch.
    During the last 40 yrs or so, I've got to know some very special people,...great times, great memories.

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    What's your HSV story?

    Born in 1979, remember watching Bathurst in the mid-late 80s with my old man, who wasn't a Holden or Ford freak but has been somewhat into cars all his life. HDT, HSV, HRT, Brock, Perkins, Walkinshaw etc were names I grew to love and follow. I remember the day dad bought a brand new VP Berlina V8 and seeing a VP GTS and a VP Senator in the showroom thinking they were the best cars money could buy.

    Through the mid 90s in my teens I dreamed about owning an HSV, the VR/VS Senator 215i's and GTS's, VS GTS-R were new and amazing at the time and you also saw plenty of them, VN Group A's and genuine Walky's on the streets.

    I always wanted a Walky, so when I started earning money around the age of 18 I ended up buying a VL Calais 3.0 as a base car to build a Walky replica - at the time I could have bought a genuine Walky for around $25k, but stupid me thought I could build a better one for the same money! So after "investing" around $70k over 10 years I ended up with a great Walky rep (supercharged injected V8 manual, custom paint, coilovers etc etc etc).

    During that time I had a bunch of jap turbo daily's until we had kids and I bought a new VE2 SSV wagon, had that for 4 years, and was going to trade it on a new VF2 SSV wagon. Then I did the worst/best thing, I test drove a Gen-F GTS.

    So that's how I ended up with my very first and only HSV...

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