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Thread: HSVfest 2017

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    HSVfest 2017

    Albury NSW, 9th to 12th June 2017

    It's on again, but bigger and better than ever!

    Originally started by the Victorian and ACT HSVOC's 4 years ago, HSV Fest is open to members of any HSVOC.

    This event is based on keeping member's costs low and their HSV fun high!

    Please remember, you must be a member of a HSV Owners club to be part of this event

    HSV Fest 2017 Program:

    Friday 9th June 2017

    ACT Club:

    The ACT Club will meet at Yass truck stop on the Hume highway for an 8:45am briefing then a cruise down to the Siesta Resort 416/422 Wagga Rd, North Albury NSW 2641, Phone: (02) 6025 4555 as follows:

    9:00am depart Yass servo (2hrs / 210 kms)
    11:30am arrive Holbrooke
    1 hour food and fuel
    12:30pm depart Holbrooke (45min / 58 kms)
    1:15pm arrive Siesta Resort to check in, clean our cars and register for the event.

    Victorian Club:

    The Victorian Club will have 2 meeting points. The first being the Berwick BP for members in the east and the other being the Wallan BP for members in the West. Cruise to the Siesta Resort 416/422 Wagga Rd, North Albury NSW 2641, Phone: (02) 6025 4555 as follows:

    7:00am meet up at Berwick BP Clyde RD Berwick leaving at 7:15am
    9:00am am meet up at Wallan BP Hume Fwy Wallan leaving at 9:15am
    Quick stop over to stretch your legs and grab a coffee at the Glenrowan BP
    Arrive at the Siesta around 1pm to Check in, wash your cars and register for the event.

    NSW Club:

    The NSW Club will meet at the Pheasants Nest 7 Eleven Truck Stop for an 8:45am briefing then a cruise down to the Siesta Resort 416/422 Wagga Rd, North Albury NSW 2641, Phone: (02) 6025 4555 as follows:

    9:00am depart Pheasants Nest (1:15 / 116 kms)
    10:15 arrive Goulburn
    30 mins morning tea & fuel
    10:45 depart Goulburn (1:50 / 181 kms)
    12:35 arrive Gundagai
    45 mins lunch and fuel
    1:10 depart Gundagai (1:50 / 178 kms)
    3:00 arrive Siesta Resort to check in, clean our cars and register for the event.

    All Clubs:

    4:00pm Registration and collection of lanyards at the Siesta Resort. Lanyards will be specific to each entrant and must be worn for entry to activities and for the provison of pre-paid meals.

    6:00pm BBQ Dinner at the Siesta organised by the NSW Club. This dinner only costs $5.00 per person and is to be prepaid.

    Saturday 10th June 2017

    The Show 'n' Shine will be held again this year at the McRae HSV dealership, 182 Melbourne Rd, Wodonga VIC 3690 and is being organised by the ACT Club at a very reasonable $10.00 per vehicle entry cost (to be prepaid).

    It will be held in the same area as last year, plus some more display area at the front if needed.

    How to get there: Take the Melrose Drive exit from the southbound Hume Freeway, turning left and heading south. Turn right into Melbourne Road from the roundabout and continue past McRae HSV which is on your right. Do not turn right into McRae HSV. Do a U Turn at the first roundabout and then turn left into McRae HSV. If a queue develops, keep to the left out of the traffic lane.

    McRea HSV will be holding a BBQ and coffee as previous year, plus are trying to get V8 supercar teams. They are looking at stuff for the kids as well. Like in previous years we will be setting up in clubs, and will be not only competing with each other, but as clubs for the HSV Fest Shield.

    8:00am Show Entrants Briefing at the Siesta Resort
    8:15am ACT Club and Judges leave for McRae HSV
    8:30am Vic Club leaves for McRae HSV
    8:45am NSW Club leaves for McRae HSV
    9:30am Judging commences (ACT then Vic then NSW)
    10:00am Show open to Public
    1:30pm Show concludes
    1:30-5:00pm Dyno Competition and a choice of other activities as below.

    The categories for the Show 'n' Shine are:
    Concourse (Cars travelled less then 5000km a year and the current model VF2)
    Show'n'Shine (Cars travelled between 5000km to 10000km a year)
    Daily Driven (Cars travelled more than 10000km a year)
    Modified (Cars with more than 5 significant modifications. ie: a set of Simmons rims is classed as 4 modifications)

    The number of entries will determine the number of trophies.

    After the Show and Shine, there is a choice of 4 activities.

    1. A Dyno Competition at LS Engineering, 3/10 Trafalgar Street Wodonga starting at 2:00pm.
    Limited to 15 cars. Trophies for Top Forced Induction and Top Naturally Aspirated.
    A dyno power chart for each competitor is included. $50.00 entry per car. To be pre-paid.
    Competitors will need to sign a waiver at Registration on the day.
    2. A drive to a local Winery being organised by Pete Eastwood.
    3. A scenic cruise to Lake Hume being organised by the Albury Chapter.
    4. An afternoon chill out at the members discretion organised by yourself.

    The Saturday night 2 course dinner will be held at the Thurgoona Country Club Resort, 1 Evesham Place, Thurgoona NSW 2640. The Show 'n' Shine presentation will take place at this dinner. A fixed price Menu has been negotiated and will also need to be prepaid. $24.00 Adults, $10.00 Children.

    6:00pm Dinner venue opens
    6:30pm Kids meals served, garlic/herb bread to tables.
    7:00pm Dinner commences
    9:00pm Show Trophy Presentation

    Sunday 11th June 2017

    Sunday is a Motorsport Fun Day at the Wodonga Motorsport Complex. It will start off with timed track sprints followed after lunch with Go to Whoa Eliminations then Motorkhana Eliminations on a layout specially designed to suit our larger, powerful cars.

    There will be a limit of 45 cars to ensure maximum track time. Entry priority will be given to HSV's and cars that were in the Show 'n' Shine the previous day. People doing both events will get priority.

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    HSVfest Update-

    We are almost at 100 people entered for HSVfest already, with one event coming very close to being full.
    This is by far the largest event in HSV-HDT history and not one to miss, so get your entries in and enjoy the 3 days of fun with other HSV and HDT owners.
    entries can be found at http://hsvclubnsw.com/shop/hsv-fest/hsv-fest-rsvp/
    please remember you must be a CAMS approved HSV owners club member from any state to join in this event. This does not included the fake facebook clubs.

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    Sensational event,...GREAT work by Club members to get this Event to where it is today.

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    Sth West Syd ��
    Unfortunately I am going to be away this year, and to top it off I had to work the weekend and missed the NSW club drive to Bathurst

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    I'll be there with 2 cars this year, hopefully with my GTSR if its delivered on time

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    Hey Guys, if you havnt entered, you would want to quick, some events only have a couple of spots left, and one event only has 3 or 4 spots left,

    we are almost at last years numbers with 2 months to go before entries close, we have booked out 3 motels, and have a great weekend planed for the ladies on the Saturday,

    One massive weekend, filled with HSV/HDT madness

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    HSVfest Update-

    Hi all, I would just like to clear up a couple of points that were brought up this weekend by the 100+ phone calls, text messages, and emails about joining HSVfest weekend.

    1. You must be a member of a HSV Owners Club, this does not include the facebook pages, these are not registered motor vehicle clubs though the respective ASIC registration as an organisation, and thus do not have the appropriate insurances, they are also not CAMS affiliated which is mandatory for this event. If the event was opened up to non-members, it would cost the clubs $83 per non-member entry, this is because of the insurance attached to the event, over the full 4 days. Our aim is to keep the event as low cost as possible, and this would be an unacceptable rise in cost to the HSV Owners Club members.

    2. If you don't own a HSV or HDT you will be unable to join this great event. The event is strictly limited to only HSV and pre-1988 HDT cars. This does not include HSVi plated cars, or associate members of the HSV Owners Clubs, your entered car must be plated.

    3. You can't enter on the day, the event will close entries one month before the event date, this is because the event is so large, there are 3 dinners to organise, plus there are 10 events over the weekend to organise. We are catering for well over 200+ entries so please take that into consideration why we need to have it all organised for a month out.

    4. The HSV Owners Clubs of ACT, Victoria and NSW have organised this event for members, by the members, One member from each club is helping organise the event, plus helper under each organiser, there is NO profit from this event, every cent goes back into the event, so no club makes a profit from this, and this is why it is so cheap compared to the Nationals. Last year the 3 clubs were left with $85 after everything was paid, and that money was used for this year in July.

    5. The event is closed to public entry, this means that only entered cars can participate in the events, it doesn't mean that the public can't come and watch or look at the show and shine, the motorsport and the Dyno runs.

    6. At night the cars are secure as they can be, they get locked up over night in the same compound and right out front of your room with security, the only problem is, that if you wish to go for a drive at 2am in the morning, you can't, sorry.

    7. The event is a celebration of the HDT and HSV motor vehicles, a massive party over 3 days, and great fun for all entered. Winning trophies is a side show to the event itself, we do spend big money on the trophies, but getting one is not the aim of the weekend, and to be honest, I believe we could remove the trophies and no one would notice. The chances of a Nationals ever happening again are very low, after Victoria and QLD spent a lot money, it was moved to NSW then ACT, and both couldn't justify the almost $150K price tag that was attached, HSVfest was not designed to replace the Nationals, but it is a great stand in, now if we did keep the Nationals to just members it would lower the cost drastically, but that's not what the Nationals have been in the past or should be in the furture.

    8. You are able to enter as many cars as you like, and it doesn't cost any more. One of our members that owns 12 HDT's and 32 HSV's, if he wishes to bring them all, then go right ahead, and we will laugh while he tries to move them all. We do need to know about every person coming for catering reasons.

    I hope this helps with a lot of the questions I have been getting, and clears the air over what the event is about.
    Please feel free to contact me if you do have questions, I am always more than happy to answer all of them, but these were the most common.

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    Blown Clubby, Well said.
    It is indeed a great Event, and not without a lot of work by some dedicated HSVOC Members.

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    Thanks Blown Clubby and all those involved with organising everything, its truly a credit to all those involved and to the respective clubs. My family have been for the last 2 years and it has a sensational weekend, I'm really looking forward to this year. I still have my fingers crossed my GTSR will be delivered in time.

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    I'll be overseas this year but will go next year. Currently in between cars anyway but should have the new (old) car in the next few weeks.

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