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Thread: Tuners in Perth

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    As I've mentioned in here multiple times and your other thread, speak to Mitch at WA Perf. I know other shops swap their locked ECU's with him so he's usually got fresh ones ready to go. Not a half bad tuner either

    Do the ring around a few shops or drop in and have a chat. Go with whichever workshop you feel most comfortable with

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    Actives is a sad story, back in 08 I had a VYR8 and spent just over 7k with some engine work and the work was A1. The tune was fantastic as well. The whole experience was too notch.
    Move forward to 2014 and I just wanted an OTR fitted and a tune on my E3, the tune was terrible and the car felt like it had less power than factory even though the dyno sheet said it had over 400rwhp. I called 3 times about the issues with the tune and the lack of power, I was told each time they would call me back but never did.
    I think during the LS1, 2, 3 era they cranked out some quality work and probably still do with the big spenders. Now, I believe they have pushed the little man to the side and as a result lost a lot of customers, me included.
    I'm looking for someone to do the work on my VF GTS and can't decide who at this stage.
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    Hi Domin8or,
    Sorry to read about your bad experience, My name is Meagan I’m at the front counter here at Active Automotive,
    This thread and some others have been brought to light to me recently and I’ve been trying to find you in our system as I would like to get these issues with your car sorted out as that’s how we like to do it at all times, as most people know we don’t like hearing our customers are upset or unhappy, As I’m not 100% sure when your car came in to see us but are you able to give me a call here and we can have a chat?

    You can get me on 9456 1111 –

    Sorry to hear about the issues with your Senator, Apologies that no one did get back to you at that time, I do know that between 2014 till late 2016 unfortunately we had a good hearted
    but very forgetful front counter and an unexpected increase in workload, We have a big push at the moment on customer service and have some new blood in the workshop, I personally have 8 years’ experience in automotive customer service and pride myself on customers leaving here with a smile. We are doing our best to get back to the forefront of our industry in workmanship, quality and performance.
    We did and still do a lot of quality work for Bigger companies as you know and the “Little men (and women)...” As you put it.
    If you ever wanted to come in and see some of the work we do on a daily basis you are more than welcome to come in and see us and have a chat or again call me here at the workshop,
    We implore you to consider keep us in mind in regards to upgrades with your new vehicle and give us the opportunity to right some previous shortfalls.

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