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Thread: Forum issues

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    How have you been going with this Ron?

    Quoting and editing posts is also a fail with the text boxes not loading up properly. It never finishes the scripting for quotes so it all turns out like a jumbled mess. Editing a post also gets rid of majority of the text from the post and doesn't load up any of the necessary buttons.

    Also a lot of duplicate posts coming thru or I'll get an error when it attempts to double post.

    Everything works much better on tapatalk than the website itself.

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    I too still have double posts all the time the only way to avoid it is to click "go advanced" and then post my reply in order to not double post.

    2014 HSV GenF-GTS fitted with a Forced Induction Interchiller
    10.373 @135.70mph 29/May/2016
    V-Box Results 0-100km/h in 2.89sec
    V-Box Results 0-60mph in 2.76sec

    Looking for colder IAT's? we have achieved 11c IAT2 on a 41c day and -8c during winter.
    We have proven cabin AC vent temps are better than GM spec, both IAT2's and vent temps are all on video with nothing to hide.

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