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    VS Berlina Wagon HSV?

    Hi, I am trying to find some information on a 11/95 Berlina Wagon which I was old was a special order for Bob Jane T Mart. I have enclosed a photo of the information plate.https://goo.gl/photos/YJYp66CFVgQNa5Ep6

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    Has it got a HSV build plate?
    It may be a HSV enhanced Berlina but by no means would be especially built for Bob Janes... There were a lot of 'dealer specials' getting around that had mock up kits and whatnot on them but they had nothing to do with HSV, just aftermarket parts fitted by dealers.

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    No build plate so probably you are right, the only things that say HSV are the radiator surround and a logo inside on the passenger side HSV/Alpine

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