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    WTB/Borrow VTII GTS Badges for reproduction

    ITEM: VTII GTS Badges
    CONTACT DETAILS: r2160@hotmail.com/0415385209
    OTHER INFO: I have been trying to purchase these since I bought the car but they appear to be non existant. I have decided I will make my own but I need originals. I intend to make a silicon mold from the originals to make my own plastic resin versions. I need the boot and side skirt version please. I am happy to negotiate a price or when I have made the mold I am happy to give some new versions as well as returning the originals unmarked) as payment as well. Happy to pay post if borrowed etc

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    Hey mate how close to original do you think you can make them, there's a market for CV8z boot lid badges and probably a lot more.

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    Add VX series 2 side skirt badges to the list, I have toying with the idea of coping mine and reproducing them, unsure were HSV originally had them produced or any manufacturer in AUS that could do it.
    Someone could be a winner if they could produce the earlier badges for those that need them.

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    Have you tried Stickthisdecals on facebook?

    Real name Brady

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