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    CTS-V Interchiller customer video review

    CTS-V Interchiller Review. (Watch in HD)
    IAT2 is 34F (1.1c) and the intercooler fluid temp is 16F (-9c)
    This review has not been paid for, this customer does not profit from this review it is his personal opinion and views.

    When he posted this video he listed the following:
    Ok so here's a little review of the interchiller kit. Before videoing my car was idling in my garage for roughly 25-30min. I had to leave to grab fuel because I was about to run out.


    *I am not affiliated with any shops, nothing to gain
    *I installed it myself.
    *I know the kit works
    *No im not showing detailed shots
    *I'll make hits later on I can't make hits and film at the same time.
    *im not here to convince you, take it how you want

    the point of the video is to give people an idea that the forced induction interchiller kit works. I know of friends who have other kits and do not and have not ever hit these temps. Use the video and make the decision that works best for you.

    Use your common sense, if the starting temp is super low, obviously, you won't rise as high on peak temps at the end of the track

    -I'm TOTALLY happy with what I have and glad I bought it even though I had doubts initially. The kit cost me more than retail because I honestly didn't trust I would work, but I was willing to try it.

    Any other questions post them in the comments

    2014 HSV GenF-GTS fitted with a Forced Induction Interchiller
    10.373 @135.70mph 29/May/2016
    V-Box Results 0-100km/h in 2.89sec
    V-Box Results 0-60mph in 2.76sec

    Looking for colder IAT's? we have achieved 11c IAT2 on a 41c day and -8c during winter.
    We have proven cabin AC vent temps are better than GM spec, both IAT2's and vent temps are all on video with nothing to hide.

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    good video and good product coming from me it doesent come easy or without merit too

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