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Thread: Ls9 grange

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    Ls9 grange

    What we know:

    The Grange is a very slow seller
    It has few updates from HSV post the E3/
    due to the low sales I brought ?#130 then the following year #190 (18 months on)
    The Grange will not (did not) get the LSA as it will not fit under the hood and the cost of a new hood is huge against a small run
    Holden will not change the Caprice hood for more clearance to sell a few more Granges
    The LS9 is a much better engine in many ways, one of which is its reduced height, something I "think"
    took a heap of effort and tech to do, with this in mind one way of keeping the LWB/Grange buyers happy
    until the GHM replacement arrives would be to stock pile a few hundred with an LS9 maybe I'm dreaming
    but if the engines are available it could be possible, the Grange missed the LSA for several reasons I believe
    one was the height of the LSA not giving enough clearance if someone was to sit on your bonnet at speed!
    Dreaming I know but it would be nice, with the GTS seats added. Cheers Andrew
    Has me wondering how all those go when they fit 1.9 to 2.9 aftermarket units to the Grange LS3!

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    Would be cheaper to tool up a new hood than fit the LS9....you're looking at 15k difference just in motor pricing per vehicle, plus getting it working and the fact that there's no auto in our catalogue that is rated to hold the power so they'd all have to be manual (which isn't a bad thing but not typical for a whale)

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    I was told a new lwb hood would cost more(1m) not sure if that was exaggerated! for all costs involved adi approval
    the whale may not have needed any checks from late 2005 when the E1/WM passed.
    as for no auto that would be a fail for chauffeurs and many repeat buyers.
    Hard for me as the gts and whale are great cars. To mod a whale with blower brakes seats would cost too much.

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