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    That's crap dude..but like other's have said, it's only a car mate..most important thing is that you have a healthy baby on the way..best of luck. Hope your insurance company will sort it out for you quickly.
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    Do you have a EWay type tag in your car?

    Log in and see if it's gone thru any toll points, even if its on a flatbed, it'll have triggered the electronic toll point.
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    Not sure about NRMA, but my RACV policy has coverage for mods regardless of whether they are declared on the policy or not.

    Only catches: you must put the cost of the mods into the agreed value, and you must be able to prove they were purchased (receipts).

    Sorry to hear that you got your pride and joy ripped off. Such scum. It's what worries me at night thats for sure. I'm even holding off the purchase of a new senator until after christmas because I don't want to leave it unattended in the driveway for 2 weeks whilst I'm away on holidays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo_sv6 View Post
    Do you have a EWay type tag in your car?

    Log in and see if it's gone thru any toll points, even if its on a flatbed, it'll have triggered the electronic toll point.
    great idea!!
    My car had Number Plate Recognition ( no tag ). I once disputed a toll and they sent me the photo.
    You might get lucky with yours?
    Perhaps the crooks were dumb enough to use a toll road. Check your usage and dispute the toll. That should trigger a photo to evidence it.
    Hopefully the photo will show the rego of the tow vehicle.

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    Horrible feeling Karma will get them hopefully he gets cought taken to jail where he raped an beaten gets aids and dies some time soon.

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    thats rough as bro , can only hope the thieves get cancer and die slowly , with that said hope this hasnt put you off owning a hsv
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    Bugger, sorry to hear. Gut wrenching.

    I am cognisant of the possibility of theft. When I drive towards home I check to see if someone is tailgating me. Reds under the bed I know but better safe than sorry.

    Hope they get the bastard/s that have given you this grief.

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    Checked out the Etag account and it seems as though it hasn't been used. Rang up the RMS to confirm and they said it can take a few days to show up and to check back in on Monday. For now it's cancelled and will cost $40 to re-order a new one. Lol nothing is free not even when stolen.

    Thanks for all the suggestions - really I do appreciate it.

    NRMA claims gave me a call this morning and asked a heap of 'normal' questions. To be fair they have been very professional and understanding. They have requested a heap of stuff like the VIN #, original purchase receipts, receipts for all mods, tints etc.

    Normal procedure is to wait 14 days and if the car is not found to settle the claim in one of two ways.

    Method 1 - Assessor values the market value of the vehicle based on it's condition, KM's, modifications and factory accessories. My guess is a quick search on carsales +/- a few thousand

    Method 2 - I accept a like for like replacement vehicle which will be organised by the NRMA car procurement team. Guessing they will shop around a few Sydney Metro HSV dealers and get the best price for the exact same car.

    I will most likely select method 2 since I need another car regardless and will most likely be better of financially via this method. Not sure if they will let me change things or if it has to be exactly the same. I think it may be time for a different colour since the last 3 cars have been black. might opt for an automatic vs the manual. Not sure if they would allow that even if I was to pay the difference.

    One bummer though - upon settlement my existing insurance policy will be cancelled and I will need a new one. Since i'm making a claim my no claim bonus goes from 60% to 35% and I will essentially be impacted by that right away.

    So by the end of this I would be losing about $5,000 when I consider the value of items left in the car and other expenses that I've had to pay as a result of the theft.

    Obviously losing only $5,000 is better than $95,000 - I guess I never really thought what happens once your car gets stolen and always thought you wouldn't be out of pocket when it does happen. Each situation would be different but in my situation that's where it currently stands.

    I hope these b@stards are caught before they burden any other innocent individual/family.

    Again thanks for the support guys - really it's beautiful to see and feel from a like minded car community

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    You're not the only one that's super skeptical of being followed when coming home.

    Heaven help the poor *******s that bash down my door. They might just find out that the Mozambique drill isn't a power tool from bunnings

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    BKZGTS really sad to hear this mate and I know too late, but think I have a good system to make this damn hard to accomplish.
    I have a VE1 Clubby with a built engine, gearbox etc etc $$$$. Engine is worth more than the car.
    9 months ago I fitted a "FleetMinder" GPS System. What this does is 24 hour monitor the cars position. It has a home location plus any current location settings. once armed it will SMS you if any tampering as well as battery disconnect (has its own emergency power supply). I can SMS at any time to check where the vehicles is via Google Maps.
    It gets better. If the car has been driven away I can cut the electrics or the fuel pump via my mobile.
    Cost was $800 plus $29 per month for the units Telstra mobile number.
    I have since added an upgraded alarm system that interfaces into the OEM car electrics cost $400
    It is a great system, has been 100% reliable.
    Another advantage is if the car is serviced or work done it`s a laugh when you tell them that you will know if and where the car is driven and can immobilize it when ever you want.
    Maybe worth looking at with the replacement car?

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