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Thread: Trump?!

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    Who cares really. Trump or Putin. What totaly matters is the price of Milk in Australia...
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    Like anyone other country from around the world cares about what a country of a measly 20 million think!?! Our nearest neighbour has 160+ million!!!!

    And as for the Trump/Hitler argument, say what you will but the German people loved him, he set a standard for his country(they took on 5 superpowers & almost won) & now German products are the best in the world! Trump may just be the shake up America needs...... I tell you what, something Australian Pollies need, if I had my time again & if I wanted to ride the gravy train I would've gotten into politics!! these cú$nts are the biggest criminals next to lawyers, feathering their own nests before Anything/ANYbody else.... Australian politics is TRASH and we the Public need to take them out!
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    Smitty - only 200,000 more voted for Hillary. That would have been in either New York or California, both heavily Democrat states. She lost the normally very safe state of Pennsylvania. The Clintons are crooks from way back; protected by mainstream media for nearly forty years. Mom and Pop in the rust-belt are not followers of the Hollywood elite.
    The result would have been far worse for the Democrats if it were not "an all or nothing" granting of the State's Electoral College votes.
    Trump had told people that their vote mattered; everyone's vote mattered. When I lived there for eleven years, too many people didn't turn up to vote because they thought their vote didn't matter; Trump told them that their vote did count and that they could help run the country. That is why he won.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATTW427 View Post
    Hopefully the US dollar drops against ours with Trumpy getting in.
    Got some parts I need to get in from the states.
    Magnuson better start filling up some containers with twin screw goodness bound for Down Under

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    trump is what the country needs imo. one of the few pollies who has a set of balls and says it how it is. imigration is a touchy subject and its easy to label someone a racist but facts are facts. he also wants to keep jobs in america , something our country is in need of itself. just like putin and hitler love them or hate them they did what was best for the people i wish i could say the same about our leaders
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    Does that mean his wife will have to go home as well considering she was born in Yugoslavia

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    As long as she immigrated legally she will be fine.
    Love how everyone thinks he against immigration, just the illegals. We need the same here, but then somehow that makes you a racist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FollowTheSapper View Post
    As long as she immigrated legally she will be fine.
    Love how everyone thinks he against immigration, just the illegals. We need the same here, but then somehow that makes you a racist?
    You speak the truth, & I ain't a racist,......but I am,...... a realist.

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    **** Trump
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    Awesome to see Donald in power, good luck uncle Trumpie

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