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    This one might be interesting...
    Harrop 2650 fitted to a GTSR

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    Harrop are seriously stuck in the 1990's

    GM made their 2650 upwards discharge, yet harrop is still downwards.
    Edelbrock came out and said from their 2300 to 2650 all they did was bore the rotor pack a touch more, 350cc isn't much over the length of 2 rotors.

    I posted last week a potential customer running 10.7 with one of these 2650 blowers with 80c intake temps.
    The intercooler system and blower design is 20 years old.

    If Edelbrock only need to bore the rotor pack out a touch then it's clearly able to be mounted like that.

    And the corvette always has a tight package for hood clearance so it does fit a commodore easily.

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