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Thread: Senator SV08

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    Nice ride mate!
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    Senator SV08

    the past month it has been tucked up in the garage after creating an inspection hole in the diff.

    replaced the diff with a Harrop truetrac and 4.11 gears, they go in this weekend. will be a nice improvement over the 3.45's that were in there.

    i also went about installing the E3 IQ system (full system with sat nav, rear DVD, etc) and removing the entire airbag system, replacing all wiring and hoses and reinstalling it.

    good lord are HSV spares pricey.. everything in the IQ upgrade (except the IQ unit itself), including a new steering wheel i picked up today is brand new. some of the trims are specific to the E3 Senator (such as the front park assist/traction control button) which dont often appear second hand, so i bit the bullet and bought it all new.
    someone at HSV must have a giggle when my name pops up.

    the previous airbag install was something even stevie wonder would have frown upon... i'll let the pictures do the talking (most of these are after it was initially tidied up a couple of months ago to replace a valve)

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    Stevie certainly did a job on the bags. New setup looks fantastic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QIKMIK View Post
    Stevie certainly did a job on the bags. New setup looks fantastic!

    indeed! much quieter in there too, can barely tell when the compressors kick in.

    new diff is in. 4.11's are glorious... all the common speeds, 40, 50, 70, etc. all sit at nice points in the rev range now. i could chuck my bigger cam back in now i reckon.

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