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    Quote Originally Posted by w2ttsy View Post
    Just threadjacking cos I can't find any of the info around.

    Is the W507 pack available for Gen-f2 senator? or is it just for the GTS?

    iirc They have all the same running gear minus the 30kw power boost.
    The 30KW loss is only the HSV tune which torque output limits them to 60% of the GTS torque...
    So yes, Anything you can do to a GTS you can do to any LSA powered HSV for exact same results.

    Back to one HSV in the shed... But its a Gen F GTS so I arent complaining!!

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    The LSA R8 has the exact same tune file as the VF GTS the only mechanical difference is the bimodal air intake which we all dump for the harrop pod filter anyway.

    The baseline dyno numbers of the VF R8 LSA are also pretty much the same power output as the GTS.

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