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    My Gen f gts intechiller install at home

    Hey guys, thought I'd post up to say thanks to Kirk for he's kit, have to say I was pretty impressed. He gave me a link to a detailed video as well as an instruction booklet and as I was fitting it at home it made the install pretty straight forward. I'm pretty handy on tools though I'm no mecahanic but I watched the video as I was doing the install and it came together faster than he told me it would.

    The kit was delivered at 12 lunchtime and I had it completed around 530. Also had a good lunch break in there! Once it's all mounted it's very tidy. Hoses are very neat and everything is out of view.

    Then went onto mounting the reservoir. That took me probably 2 hours, love where it's mounted because you can't see it and it holds quite a bit of water, only thing I don't like about it is the lid being in the middle, if it were closer to the edge you wouldn't have to remove the Wipers and metal cowling to check the fluid level, just the plastic. A small change would have made it more accessible and more practical if ever doing future mods and bleeding charger is required.

    After the install was complete had the car Dyno tuned and result was better than expected, I'll be heading to the track soon to see what it runs and I'll update for you all. I will say I logged iat2 temps and after 5 mins of driving it was down to 3deg, On a Dyno run it peaked at 50deg which is quite low considering I've seen a log of a mates car near 100deg after a run (no chiller. )

    Great modification for anyone chasing power in my opinion, especially anyone who is overdriving the blower as they get HOT! In the end my car made 507rwkw on 98 fuel, I have a list of mods also though. But Dynos are only a number and some are generous to say the least so I'll be getting some 18" wheels and mt tyres in the coming weeks and heading to the track to get some times and see how it mph!

    Kirk was a great guy to deal with and is very helpful with everything and the kit can be done at home as long as you have a few tools, general understanding of how things work and common sense it's very easy, hell as I said it even has a VERY detailed video, Kirk even gave me some advice on what size tyres to get for the track!

    Hope this helps those that are considering doing this install at home.

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    See told you guy's it's easy enough for people to install at home!!!

    Thanks for the review Rocksteady
    I'm glad it turned out nice and neat for you, sounds like it's working perfectly with the IAT2 temps you are seeing.
    The new reservoirs we have had made recently have the filling port more forward so filling is easier

    I'm guessing your cabin AC is nice and cold too considering the IAT2 temps you're seeing?

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    Looking for colder IAT’s? we’ve achieved 11c IAT2 on a 41c day and -8c during winter.
    We have proven cabin AC vent temps are better than GM spec, both IAT2's and vent temps are all on video with nothing to hide.

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    That's OK mate, good to hear about the new reservoir aswell, wish mine was like that.
    Temp inside the cabin was 2.8deg from memory so definitely didn't get affected by the chiller!

    So for the person who enjoys doing work on their cars themselves this is easily achievable with the simplicity of Kirks kit and he's video, hell having done it once now if given the chance to do it again I think I could get it done even quicker!

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    Very interesting

    I will be ordering one of these at some point, but funds are a little tight for now whilst the household finances get juggled about a bit :-s

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    yep one of these will be on the wish list for me as well
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