The problem is these LSA are so easy to screw more power out of them, the possibilities from fast to very fast are as simple as putting a smaller pulley on the blower.

It sounds as though you may have gotten the 9.55" lower ring which is 23% over driven.
If thats the case it's going to be somewhere between 11.2 and 10.9 depending on conditions, track, tuner.

The only issue with these is once you start spinning them blower harder you make a hell of a lot more heat and especially in drag racing once you have done your burnout and are creeping slowly to the line with no air speed you are just getting hotter and hotter and timing is being lost thus HP is going down the drain.

I've seen cars make loads of HP on the dyno then come track time it's all lost to the burnout and lesser boosted GTS's make more HP as they are not pulling out anywhere near as much timing.

This is why it makes perfect sense to use an interchiller otherwise the intake temps are just all down hill after that burnout.