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    WM2 Grange Suspension

    I have spent a bit of time gathering info on this, but i still don't know which way i should jump.
    HSV Grange 2010 WM2 67,000km's
    I am located in Melbourne

    It is my daily driver/weekend trip away car. It is standard height at the moment but has a LPG tank in the back.
    Sits at 380mm F, 360mm R (LPG tank empty and half a tank of petrol, rest of the car empty).

    My issue is- i am always driving with the MRC on performance, and i still find it way to soft and 'lurchy' around corners at speed. In addition i bottom out and scrape as soon as i have a full car of people or load it up. Most times i have a bike trailer on with about 30kg's weight down on the ball.

    What i think i want is some heavier springs (possibly higher too) and/or replacing the MRC system now. In the future when the MRC shocks start leaking i will most likely not replace them if they are still 1k each.....

    I contacted Dobinson's and they can make a custom spring for a decent price to fit the MRC.

    Quadrant Suspension recommended me some H+R/Bilstein coilovers. Which seem like great quality parts, however they only offer a standard rate spring so while it may make the car handle better, i assume i will still have an issue carrying weight.

    Pedders have offered me their Coilover and said that it will be a stiffer and slightly higher than standard. Whist this sounds like what i want, with how much Pedders products gets bashed online i am unsure.

    The thought has also crossed my mind to get a normal Bilstein shock and match it with a heavy duty spring from another manufacturer. That way if the spring is wrong its not so expensive or hard, to try a different one.

    I currently don't like the idea of airbags as its just one more thing to stuff up. But feel free to try to convince me.

    Anyone with any insight on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Stuart1, IMO grab the bilsteins from quadrant and supply your own springs, but im positive if you ask quadrant to supply a different spring they will.
    I'd be more inclined to go with the springs that quadrant recommend due to there experience with the bilsteins. I havnt heard people complaining about spring rates being to soft.
    By the sounds of it there'd be no need for coilovers for your ride, unless your seriously tracking the car you wont be stuffing with ride heights. Id go the B8 bilstein which are made to accept short spring for lowering

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    You may have some other issues like front strut tower bearings or bushes.

    I found apart from all my MRC leaking or not being too flash the rubbers and bushes do not last much past 12-18 months.
    two granges I had drove like they were on rails for just over 12 months, then went down hill.
    Wheel alignments were in part to blame tyre shops want everything straight for max tyre millage, but the HSV's
    and most cars need some toe in and camber. I would not lower the front my new bumper cost $4950 fitted. Got caught on one too many parking bay stoppers, I use to use cotton tape to join the bumper base to the engine plastic cover, it was a crappy
    setup on the WM3s the VF is much better. (no change I guess for the WM they are really still a 2006 car)

    So in short do what Mick has recommended but be prepared to pay up to $2000 for a full set of good bushes for every area that the car connects to the suspension, torsion bars etc. once all this is done you may need a touch up re alignment after 6 months. cheers now ive said that the grange is a bloody great car, id still like another with a few power mods done day one.

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    Thanks both of you.
    Micky I like your suggestion, I'll give quadrant another call tomorrow and enquire more about that. Is there another reason you recommend the G8 as I definitely do not want to lower it. I will comment back with what I find out.

    Regarding the bushes and such Andrew, the car still tracks ok for my liking and I don't get any knocks or rattles. But when I go ahead with a new set of bilsteins and springs I will be sure to get it all checked.
    I agree with the front bumper lol, scrapped it a few times. Now I just leave the car hang out the back a meter haha. Almost 5k fitted is pretty harsh for a bumper.
    I have done 3 alignments in the last 3 years, but I haven't ever mentioned about toe in or camber, just assume they know what they are doing.. I probably have the sheets around somewhere...


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    I have a WK and have never had a problem with the rear suspension using WK Holden parts. Have worked far better than after market ones. Don't know if the WK fit could be put on your machine. I'm not towing in the Grange, have a Falcon cab/chassis ute for that. The 'old' Range Rover hydraulic self-leveller was superb for taking care of ball loadings. I would think a tow shop could provide a hydraulic leveller for you, if towing is frequent.
    The front scraper (standard height) is annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart1 View Post
    I currently don't like the idea of airbags as its just one more thing to stuff up. But feel free to try to convince me.
    So I take it no one rates Bagged setups here? Seems like a decent enough idea to stop the whole scraping problem but I think the rep has been ruined a bit by all the Hectic spec cars on Street Commodores.
    2008 MY09 HSV VE SENATOR #0270.
    Life's pretty straight without mufflers

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    I have to admit I really do not know a lot about other hsv models. I assume though that the Mrc suspension setup only started with the WM series. So I would still have to replace the entire setup to put something from a WK on.
    TBH thinking of putting a ball on the misses STI, currently seems to handle weight well lol.
    I agree with the old Rangie setup, love some of the tech put into them.
    I do not toe as often as I would like to. At the moment I borrow the old mans cruiser. Just annoying that I bought a bigger car to fit stuff in, but it can't carry what I can fit.

    Regarding how I am going with Quadrant suspension. Called them today and yesterday, they are still chasing up some heavy springs for the bilsteins shocks (not Coilovers). Will give them another call next week I guess.


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    I have a WH Grange, with LPG and used to have similar issues to you, resulting in tyres not lasting long (around 5000kms)
    It finally dawned on me, after scrubbing out another set of rears on a long trip with car loaded and towing a trailer, that the problem was that the rear springs are softer for the auto levelling rear, and the airbag shock takes the extra load.
    Fitted a set of king springs 'raised' height, but with the extra weight of the LPG tank, it sits at standard height.
    So far the tyres are looking good, and the ass end feels firm, but not harsh.
    Your setup might differ having the Magnetic Ride, but having LPG myself, I can say with experience that this has made a major difference.

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    Thanks Alby,
    I understand what you done, I done the same thing in my last car (statesman). You are right though, the Mrc system makes it not that easy to fix.

    In other news, quadrant suspension still have not got back to me. Once work gets quiet I guess I will chase them up again, really feeling like they don't want the business though.

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