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    Hey Kirk, I am thing about getting a reservoir for the drags how much longer does it take to cool down the larger volume initially and between runs?
    I have a VE, LS7 interchiller, LSA pump, deleted original intercooler heat exchanger and a Heartbeat supercharger.
    Cabin will be off during runs.
    I am going down to Quit Motorplex in three weeks without the reservoir and will monitor IAT`s before and after. I am not sure how much the IAT`s will rise after the Burnout. Hence the reservoir.
    what rpm is best to cool down the coolant prior to each run?
    I there anything else I could need? I did see reference to Competition solenoid somewhere.
    PM me if you want with a cost for the reservoir kit. including freight to Cameron`s shop post code 6021.

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    The intercooler fluid will do about 3 laps of the entire system every 10sec without a reservoir.
    With a reservoir itís 33sec so the IAT2 is colder when at WOT and cool down time is faster since after the run within 15-20sec a rush of cold fluid goes through and drops temps back down again.

    Minimum IAT2 is achieved in 8-12min at idle
    Touch faster with RPM around 1200rpm

    Please call or email through the order I will not likely remember come Monday

    2014 HSV GenF-GTS fitted with a Forced Induction Interchiller
    2017 HSV GTSR
    Australia's outright Fastest 6.2L 1900 LSA VF GTS & Fastest stock bottom end
    9.700 @148.3mph 21/June/2017
    V-Box Results 0-100km/h in 2.47sec

    Looking for colder IATís? weíve achieved 11c IAT2 on a 41c day and -8c during winter.
    We have proven cabin AC vent temps are better than GM spec, both IAT2's and vent temps are all on video with nothing to hide.

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